Rina went back out into the woods the next day, to talk to the Faerie King and Queen.

          Rina’s black hair was in a bun with a peacock feather sticking out of the hair’s thick strands.  Her Faerie-like appearance was known to all in Alfalfa, but she never really needed to disguise herself until Raav came along. “Your Majesties,” Rina curtsied.

          “Welcome Rina,” said the Faerie King, “how fair’s you on this morn?”

          “Well, I come with grave news. It’s about Great Elements,” Rina stated.

          The King and Queen exchanged glances, as if they were aware of what was happening.  “What is it exactly about Great Elements you want to tell to us, Rina of Arcadia?” the Faerie Queen asked.

          “They’ve rebelled all of Alfalfa,” Rina exclaimed, “Raav, the leader was in the woods while I was with your Faerie subjects.”

          “Oh, dear sweet Arken, is it really true?” the Faerie King asked.

          “Yes, your Majesty,” Rina replied.

          The Faerie King held out his hand to Rina. “Rina of Arcadia, come here.”

Rina walked up to the Faerie King and took his hand. “Yes, your Majesty?” Rina asked.

“I am giving you a gift so you can work with the Faeries in training.”

Rina nodded, and the Faerie King took a power from a vial.

“Drink this,” he said.

Rina took the vial and drank the power. She felt a flame rise from the depths of her being and closed her eyes. The next thing Rina knew, she was floating up in the air. “Oh!” Rina exclaimed.  She was now wearing a pink top and a pink skirt with golden Faerie wings. The Faeries cheered Rina on as she tried flying throughout the large room.  Rina felt graceful as she discovered a power inside her. “Fire Ring,” she whispered.                                                                       Suddenly, a fiery ring surrounded her arm, but it did not burn her. One of the Faeries shouted, “Take us to our training camp! Teach us how to fight Rina!”  

Rina looked around at the Faeries below her.  Some were smiling, and some looked worried.  Did Rina know what she was putting herself up to or not? She didn’t care, but she was scared about how the Faeries would respond to her military work. She dealt with non-Faerie soldiers every day because of living in Arcadia.                    

Rina giggled, “Come on then!”         

The Faeries followed Rina outside the castle and they flew to the city of Elementia, the Faerie capital of Alfalfa.  Rina flew into the camp with all the Faeries trailing behind her. Now all of the Faeries that lived with the King and Queen went into a single file line.  “Faeries, we all know why we are here!” Rina exclaimed.                                                                                                                           The Faeries cheered, and then immediately calmed down.  “When I say ‘go’, conjure up your spell and cast it towards the targets I set up,” Rina commanded.

The Faeries looked at one another excitedly.

 Rina chanted, “Set up targets!”

The targets immediately appeared, and Rina observed the Faeries as they casted their spells.

“Make sure to concentrate! It will help you while you’re on the battlefield!” Rina instructed.

The Faeries worked harder, and then they conjured even stronger of a spell. There were more results, and they cheered as their training was complete. “Good job soldiers! Go on home and rest. Tomorrow I have to work with the Arcadia and Krilne cities,” Rina stated.  She was exhausted                      

The Faeries cheered and flew off to their homes. Rina flew off towards Arcadia and transformed back to her old self as she landed onto the ground. She went up to her chambers and slept peacefully.

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