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I put on my red dress and let down my straight hair. My other sister did it last night, and she re-cut my bangs so they can look real sharp. I put on my heels and headed downstairs. Simeon came out of the kitchen eating yogurt.

"You look really nice." he said smiling.

"Thanks bro!" I said hugging him. My mom came from the family room and handed me my jacket. "Now dont act crazy honey. Be smart. Dont drink and dont involve yourself in negative activities. If anything goes wrong, you call me okay?" she said

"OK mother I will." I said kissing her cheek. Just then the doorbell rang. "It must be Chris." I said excitedly. I walked to the door and opened it. There he was, with jeans on and a formal top.

"Hi." he said smiling. I smiled back and said hi. "Now Aly, be back by 10:30. No questions asked." her mother said. "OK mom! I love you!" I said walking out the door.

We got in Chris's dad's car and headed to Mark's house. "Whats wrong?" I asked him. "No-nothing." he said uneasily. "Are you sure?" I asked again. "Im sure." he said back. I looked out the window and waited to get dropped off.

We arrived at Mark's house and we said good-bye to his dad. "Ill be back at 10:30 to pick you guys up. You kids have fun!" he called. He was gone and Chris grabbed my hand. "Come on." he said escorting me to the door. We ran the doorbell and Mark answered it.

"Whoa! Look at Lola! Come on in buds! This party is off the hook!" he yelled. I smiled and we walked in. Practically everyone from our grade was there. There were hints of freshmen there too. "Mark...this party is wild!" I yelled. "I know right?! Come on, lets dance!" he said pulling me to the dancefloor.

Chris looked at us walk away and walked over to the couch. He sat down and this girl patted him on the shoulder. He turned around and blushed. He and the girl started talking. She had long blond hair and a short blue dress on. She had a nice figure; nice and skinny.

"Mark....who is that?" I asked

"Oh...thats Ashleigh. Its a long story." he said in my ear.

"Well after we dance im going over there to discover this long story." I said looking at her once more.

"Right now, dance with me." he said

"Ok." I said back

"I have to say, you look hot Lola. I as hell." he said smiling.

"Well, thank you Mark. You dont look half bad yourself." I said with a smirk. He smiled and pulled me closer. Other guys noticed me and started staring and whitsling. "Check out Alcyone....she looks hot." they said. I rolled my eyes and continued dancing.



Ashleigh was putting me on the spot. I hadnt seen her in ages, and she tells me that she's had a crush on me since we started being friends.

"Ashleigh, I think you're a very sweet girl, but I love someone else." I said nicely

"You mean that girl that walked in the door with you?" she asked

"Yeah. I love her with all my heart, and I want to be with her."

"How long have you been going out with her?"

"A couple months. And when you left, I told myself to forget the crush I had on you. I just....Im sorry." I said sadly

She smiled. Its OK. I actually found someone too." she said

"Oh yeah? Im happy for you." I said smiling

"His name is Brandon. He's really sweet, smart, and funny. He reminds me of you a little." she said

"Thats good to hear. You deserve the best." I said back. We started talking about her returning home and such, while I was waiting for Lola to come back.


Mark and I had finished dancing and I walked over to Chris and the girl. "Hey baby. Ready to dance?" I asked holding out my hand. "Yeah" he said smiling. "Well, are you going to introduce me to your friend?" I asked. "Yes. Ashleigh, this is Alcyone, my girlfriend." he said

"Hi. Chris has told me so much about you." she said shaking my hand. I gave a fake smile. "Well, Chris has told me NOTHING about you!" I said smiling. "Im his friend. I just moved back here from Gurnee. My dad got reassigned back here so..." she said. I nodded and grabbed Chris's hand. "Let's go dance love." I said. "OK honeybun." he said grabbing my hands.

We were on the dancefloor and he pulled me closer to him.

"Just friends huh?" I asked madly

"Yes babe. What do you think she was to me?" he said back

"Did you used to like her?"

"Yes. But those feelings faded. I love you."

"You better not be lying to me."

"Did I ever lie to you? Trust me OK? I would never cheat on you. I let her know that I love you. She has a boyfriend Alcyone."

"Fine. I trust you." I said

He kissed me and his hands traveled down to the small of my back. "You look sexy." he whispered in my ear. I smiled. "You look sexy too." I whispered in his ear. We were finished and we sat down with the gang. They were playing cards. "I want in!" I said smiling. Terrence nodded and shuffled the cards.

"Show me what you got Lola." he said chuckling. We were playing blackjack and I was winning a lot.

"I got 5 on it!" Ryan called

"Oh please. You cant even put 2 on it." Mark said.

"OK then....throw down Big Man!" Ryan said back. We all laughed

"Im thirsty. You guys want something?" I asked them.

"Can you get me some punch?" Chris asked

"Sure thing. Any one else?" I asked

"We want punch too!" the gang said. Mark got up. "Ill help you with the drinks." Mark said. We got up and went to the kitchen. Mark started pouring the drinks and gave me one. "Try this sexy Lola." he said handing me punch. I tasted it and it tasted like more than punch.

"Dunes what is this?" I asked

"Its vodka and punch." he smiled

"Why do you have liquor at this party? I told you not to..."

"Relax and live a little. We're gonna drink SOMETIME in our life." he said. I gave in to temptation and drank the rest of it. "Give me some more." I said handing him my cup. We sat there and drank practically the whole bottle, and I was feeling woozy.

Mark put his hand around my waist. I drunkly smiled and laid my head on his chest. "Wanna go to my room?" he slurred. "Yea." I said pulling him with me. He bit his lips and we headed up the stairs to his room.......

*To Be Continued*

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