Ziam Kid and getting Married

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Zayn was at his house and his kid name is Katie. His ten year old daughter Katie at the dinner table licking the table. Katie!!Stop.Zayn said giving her a hotdog. Dad!I don't like hotdogs Katie said. Liam comes in Hey.Liam said kissing Zayn on the cheek. Eww...Gross.Said Katie who doesn't like Liam because she feels like he gonna take her dad away from her. Zayn rolls his eyes. Eat.Zayn said while they sit at the table with her. I don't like hotdogs!Katie Said groaning. Plz eat it.Zayn asked and She rolled her eyes and ate it.Katie went up stares to go to bed.I don't know whats up with her.Zayn said while woundering.Idk Liam said smiling and they went to bed.In Katie room she crying her self to sleep and thinking doesn't want Liam to take away her dad. Zayn used to sing songs to her when she was growing up but after he been engaed with Liam for severel months.She just upset about this thing.The next morning Zayn&Liam started kissing.Katie is happy for her dad but doesn't want to loose him...So,She got idea is to sit down at the table and eat cereal.They went down stares and saw a mess in the kitchen.What happen?Liam asked.I was making breakfast cuz Dad didn't get up to make me breakfast.Katie said giving them a hint that he was busy kissing Liam.I am sorry sweetie.Zayn Said giving her kiss on the head.But,You still have to clean it up.Zayn Said.Why can't you dad?Or Liam.Katie said with tears coming down her face.Whats wrong Love?Liam asked.Nothing.Katie said covering her face from Embarresement.Plz tell us.Zayn pleased.I feel like Liam taking you away from me dad.Katie said.Sweetie,I am not taking your dad away.Liam said.He used to sing me songs but not anymore.Katie said.I don't sing you songs anymore is because I am busy.Zayn admitted.It's because your kissing Liam.Katie said.Love,I love your dad and he loves me...I promise I would never take your dad away.Liam Promised.Really?Katie asked smiling.Really.They both said.Few months later they got married and Katie loves Liam now.

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