You give me a Quiet mind {Kellin Quinn Oneshot}

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“This is a bad idea,” I voiced, raising an eyebrow at the rowdy boys in our too small of a van that we had borrowed from a friend of Jesse’s. We were parked outside of the local Target and killing time before the show tonight since we had arrived early. Justin had suggested going to get some food stuff for the RV and somehow they phone a friend with a rental company and bada boom bada bang, here was this lovely white van.

And they were driving it like idiots all the way to Target.

“Aww come on Anna where’s your sense of adventure?” Kellin asked. I narrowed my eyes at him.

Yeah, I’m the merch girl right now for Sleeping with Sirens and I am not so proud to tell you that these boys are the biggest trouble makers I have EVER had the pleasure of meeting. This was my second tour with them since apparently I sold a bunch of stuff for them the last time.

“My sense of adventure remains outside of jail,” I replied eyeing him with my emerald green orbs and brushing a lock of thick black wavy hair from my face. Kellin smiled and even as much as I hate to admit, he gave me goosebumps with that smile.

Well I had been their merch girl for a little more than a year now and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the blue eyed wonder. His black hair, pale skin and sensitive yet ornery demeanor had instantly ensnared me. He was wonderful, more wonderful than I could even tell from the amount of time I had known him. He was sweet, caring and yet had that streak of fun that made me like him.

But right now I wasn’t in the mood for their shenanigans.

“We’re not going to go cause havoc in there,” I stated, crossing my arms. I had been in a bad mood lately and I couldn’t help myself, my mood swings were odd and I was always in an extreme something. Usually it was good, an extremely good mood that made everyone around me smile. Yet today I couldn’t bring myself to want to cause chaos in a grocery store because I didn’t feel like getting into trouble at this point in time. This town was unknown to me and because of that I didn’t want to get arrested for disturbing the peace or something.

“I’ll behave,” Kellin said sweetly, eyes widening into that heartbreaking puppy dog gaze. I tried to hold my resolve but I melted into a puddle of soup.

“Ugh fine!” I replied, opening the door to the van and stepping out onto the blacktop. The boys cheered, piling out into the parking lot with giant grins on their faces. They pulled out their wallets and counted the meager amount of cash they had on them.

“Twenty three bucks and fifteen cents,” Gabe announced, holding the pennies and nickels in his hand while Jack held the cash. I shook my head and sighed, looking to the store.

“Guess we’re getting a butt load of junk foooooood!!” Jesse shouted enthusiastically, fist pumping the air. I grumbled and followed them towards the store.

The five boys were punching each other, laughing and grumbling and debating what they were going to buy. I had to admit that as Kellin continue to smile at me, I couldn’t help but have my mood lifted.

We entered through the automatic sliding doors and I inhaled at the fresh scent of bread that wafted through the air. They had a bakery with all sorts of bread and pastries, cookies, cakes and the like were there as well, all smelling delicious and hearty. I turned my head in that direction and felt warmth spread through my body as my emotions instantly turned from nostalgic and slightly angry to enthusiastic and excited.

“They have fresh baked cookies!” I giggled childishly and watched as Kellin smiled at me, white teeth flashing behind the pink flesh. Jesse, Jack, Justin and Gabe rolled their eyes at me, noting the extreme mood swing before laughing at me.

“We’re gonna go get some chips and stuff,” Gabe said, “You comin Kellin or are you staying with the cookie monster?” He flashed another grin.

“You know I’m gonna get me some cookies with the cookie monster here,” he replied, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I was instantly red, looking to him with a bright blush but he just continued to smile and directed me towards the bakery.

I glanced back at the boys as they seemed to tease one another, throwing more punches into one another’s arms and laughing. They walked off into one of the aisles, still rancorously causing problems and throwing random foods at each other. But I was too busy staring at the blue eyed sweetheart with his arm languidly looped over my shoulders. I bit my lip.

“So what kind do you want?” he asked as we reached the counter, but I couldn’t speak. I had gone from angry to happy to shy all in the few moments that we had been here. Right now though I couldn’t think.

“Well…um I don’t know,” I murmured quietly, eyeing the sweets delicately and trying to figure out which I wanted without thinking about him.

There was chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, oatmeal, sugar, some sort of chocolate chunk, and then besides the cookies were slices of red velvet cake, lemon, raspberry chocolate, orange, devil’s food, and a marble pound cake. I felt my mouth watering just looking at them but I couldn’t make a decision while I was held so closely to Kellin. I could feel his body heat, and I was shaking slightly.

“You alright Anna?” he questioned gently, staring into my eyes with an emotion I couldn’t describe. I couldn’t nod and I just stared into his blue eyes with wide eyed curiosity.

What was he thinking and why was he looking at me like this?

“I’ll just get chocolate chip then is that okay?” he asked and the best I could do was pull a smile on and nod. He grinned and turned to the lady that had offered her help to us. He ordered a few cookies for him and then some for the guys, whipping out a bit of cash that he hadn’t offered up earlier. I smiled.

He was sneaky.

We walked away from the bakery and back to the van so that we could wait for the others without hearing about how they had destroyed an aisle or thrown jugs of milk at one another. Kellin opened the door for me and I stepped in, enjoying the cloudy afternoon and thankful that it wasn’t hot in the leather seated vehicle. I sat down and sighed.

“What do you want first?” Kellin asked. I shrugged, still nervous. He chuckled and pulled out a chocolate chip cookie, handing it to me. I smiled.

“Thanks,” I said, taking the cookie from him and biting into it. I could feel the chocolate smearing over my lips before I pulled the sweet treat away. “Dammit…” I muttered, moving to wipe the chocolate away but Kellin grasped my hand.

“I’ll get it,” he whispered and before I could even look up at him, his tongue had licked the spot next to my lips that had once bore a smear of chocolate.

I froze while he chuckled.

“Hold up, looks like you have a little more,” he murmured, hand touching my cheek and pulling my face towards his.

He locked lips with me for a moment and pulled away.

The feel of his lips against mind made my thoughts go quiet and my heart settled into a quiet beat, something that wasn’t my norm. there was no emotion other than tranquility flowing through my veins, no ire or anxiety, no adrenaline or over enthusiasm. My eyes had shut involuntarily as his hand brushed hair back from my face and then both of his hands cupped my cheeks.

“Kellin,” I whispered, smiling as I opened my eyes to gaze into his baby blues.

“What?” he replied.

“That was much better than the cookies,” I uttered, bringing our lips back together.

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