(8 years later)

Prim's P.O.V

I stood in front of the mirror as Alice messed about with my dress again. Today I was getting married to Alex. He had proposed not long after things went back to normal. Of course, I said yes straight away.

The reason it took us so long to get married is because I wanted my kids to be old enough to remember it. Yes, I had more kids after Amelia, twins actually. I had fallen pregnant with them a few months before Amelia was two years old. We named the girl Isabella and the boy is called Ethan. 

Amelia is now eight years old and Isabella and Ethan are almost six years old. Isabella and Ethan both have my eyes and Alex's dark brown hair. All three of my kids are beautiful like me and their dad. That's what we were told anyway.

Me and Alex had become head of the circle together. Celia eventually found another guy and we were actually friends now. Jenny was still my best friend and she was now married to Peter. They had a girl named Ella. And Lucas married Marcie and they have a boy named Ryan.

All of my kid’s powers had already activated at the age of five, which is considered really young for witches. All of them have my powers and they actually controlled their evil the second the powers activated so now they are just as strong as me. 

"You’re ready." Alice said, snapping from my thoughts. Her and Alex's dad had got back together and they were happily married again.

"Finally." I teased. 

"Are you nervous?" Alice asked with a knowing smile. 

"I guess. But not as much as I thought I would be. When I think about it more I just seem to get more excited, knowing I'll be bound to the one I love forever." I said. 

"Well, you’re doing better than I was, I must say. Would you like me to call the girls and Ethan in?" Alice asked and I nodded. 

Alice walked out and seconds later Jenny, Julie, Amelia, Isabella and Ethan walked in. 

Jenny was my maid of honour and everyone else was flower girls, except from Ethan. He was going to be carrying the rings. 

"Wow you know how to make a girl feel jealous Prim. Your dress is gorgeous." Jenny teased, giving me a hug. 

"Thanks." I said, laughing slightly. 

"Hey sis." Julie said, giving me a hug. 

Julie was thirteen now and just as beautiful as I was. Every boy was after her but she always rejects them like I did. Instead of hiding though, she teases them all instead. 

"Hey, don't you look beautiful." I said, gesturing to her dress. 

"No where near as beautiful as you. You’re like a princess." Julie teased. When I told her about her princess phase we always seemed to joke about it. 

"Mommy!" Ethan shouted. "There are too many girls!" He said, crossing his arms. 

I laughed and wrapped him in a hug, placing sloppy kisses all over his face. "Mommy!" He protested. 

I laughed again. "Don't worry sweetie, you'll get to see daddy soon." I told him, straightening out his little tux. He looked so handsome in it. 

"Me want daddy now." He complained. I swear he was just as stubborn as me. 

"What am I going to do with you huh?" I told him with a smile. He grinned back and walked over to Julie. 

"Mommy, me hungry." Isabella said, pouting her lip. Her dark brown hair was in tight curls that bounced about when she walked. 

"Why don't you ask Auntie Julie if she can get you some fruit from the table over there?" I said and her little eyes lit up as she smiled and quickly rushed off. 

"Mom." My eight year old Amelia said, giving me a hug. Her blond hair was in the same style as Isabella's. 

"How are you sweetie?" I asked her, hugging her back. 

"I'm excited." She said with a grin. "You look very pretty mom." She told me. 

"So do you." I said to her. 

Just then, Alice's head popped in. "Are you ready?" She asked excitedly. 

I took a deep breath and nodded. Me and Alex decided to get married on the private beach. He had spent the night in the beach house while I stayed in my house. 

Since I didn't really have anyone to take me down the aisle Alex's dad offered to. I was actually getting more nervous now as we all exited the house and made our way to the beach. 


When we finally got there we stayed behind the line of trees so that nobody could see us yet. Once we were all set up we began walking. 

There were actually quite alot of people there. It just started to make me more nervous. 

"Your shaking." John said.

"I guess the nerves are getting to me." I said, smiling slightly.

"Trust me, I know how you feel. Alex has been worse than you though. He's been panicking all morning. It was quite amusing to watch really." He said and we both laughed.

It was then our cue to begin walking. My eyes darted around at the scenery before landing on Alex who was staring at me wide eyed. I had left my hair down since Alex apparently loves to run his hands through it. My dress trailed behind me as I walked, flower petals were now scattered around, beneath my feet.

When I got to Alex, he took my hand in his. The guy marrying us began talking and I repeated the words that he was saying even though I was mainly focusing on Alex. He seemed to be focusing more on me too.

We said our vows and put on the rings. Me and Alex stared into each other’s eyes. His were full of love just as I knew mine would be.

"Do you, Alex Trevena, take Primrose Emberlin as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." Alex said, smiling at me as he squeezed my hand.

"Do you, Primrose Emberlin, take Alex Trevena as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." I said, smiling just as much as Alex.

"Then I now pronounce you, man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

"Finally." Alex muttered and wasted no time in swooping down and planting his lips on mine.

As we kissed it felt as if we were the only two people there. That kiss bound us together forever.

"I love you." I said when we pulled away.

"I love you too. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you and watch our kids grow up. You make me feel complete." Alex whispered.

"You make me feel complete too Alex. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you and our kids." I whispered back.

We both smiled and kissed again. Nothing could make me more happy right then. I have my kids and Alex forever. And I could ask for nothing more than being with the people I love.



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