There are things which attracts you and there are things which repels you, but for me there was no attraction or repulsions. It was something acting against Gravity, and it was nothing but ADRIAN.


"Robbing your own house?"

His mere statement brought a smile to my face and I turned around. I looked at his dark silhouette which was outlined by streetlights. He walked in my direction, his beautiful face illuminated by his brilliant smile charmed that moonless night.

"and why would i do that?"  I smirked at him. "I don't know, you were the one climbing down like a thief from your window", he glanced at my bedroom's window.

"I..I couldn't come through the main door, too much risk" I pressed my lips together. He sighed.He turned around and started walking ahead of me towards the main road.  Not maintaining the silence i continued "so why did u call me here at this time? and what is that place you wanna show me?" He didn't reply. He continued walking in front of me. I didn't expect this. Assuming that he didn't hear, i asked again, "uhmmmm, where is this place?" No response. Okay, so now he was ignoring me. but why all of a sudden? I matched my pace with his and reached for his arm "Adrian! I'm talking to you! will you please answer my questions?" I glared at him. He was looking down, not bothering to make an eye contact with me he replied, "you'll know when we reach, and sorry if i was rude to you, but I'm not ignoring you". With this I released his arm. He turned and started walking again, i followed his actions.  I suddenly felt bad for how I behaved with him. May be I'd become too much impatient with the mystery  behind Erica's death. But why couldn't he tell me now, and be all so secretive about this place.

Did Erica commit suicide at that place? Did something really bad happened to her at that place? Was she rap...raped? No...No.. I should just stop thinking rubbish, may be Adrian was too much kind to let me know what happened to her. Did he really knew or was he pretending to know the things? Is he trying to set me up somewhere and get me killed or may be worse? 'Oh just stop it Susan' i scolded myself. I sighed deeply. There was no need to presume anything. Whatever has to happen will happen.

I continued following him. We walked for an hour where he kept quiet and my mind did all the rubbish thinking it could about Erica's death and Adrian's intentions.

We reached at a very isolated corner of the city, where i could hear faint music and cheering noises.

We walked closer and came across that 'place'. Music had become Louder , much louder. I stared at it and  If i were to tell in one word , it was nothing but 'JUNK'!

Corrugated tin sheets were used to make it look like a club. Everything was spray painted, with ugly graffitis and random funky words, mostly in black and red. "metal skulls" was painted in huge and bold letters at the entrance with a devil skull in the middle of the 'metal' and 'skull'. I guess thats what this place was called. "METAL SKULLS" I repeated the words again "WEIRD" i thought to myself. I looked closer and there were broken and mended motor bikes in and around the place. Broken Wheels, motor bike chains, hung at the entrance. There were huge built up men, with couloured hair and tattoed body and looked nothing more than WWE fighters. I followed Adrian, we walked inside, and the light became dimmer and more of red tinted. I got weird looks from everyone we passed. I noticed fe girls there, some seemed my age and few elder to me. Most of them wore nothing more than the two piece clothing and leather boots. They were almost nude. I guess tattoo covered their bodies more than their clothes. I glared at them disgustfully and I guess they gave me the same stares. I walked further inside and noticed that there were small rooms, parted with translucent curtains and inside were people making out, having liquors and cursing words at each other. I wonder if they could hear each other at such loud music. I was so involved in observing things, that i didn't realise that there was someone standing in front of me and i bumped into his huge body. i was about to fall back when his hand held my arm and i managed to balance my body.

"hey, dya know kids aren't suppose to come in here?" his rough manly voice sent shrills through my body. He was well built, he looked nice and manly and his dark brown eyes were piercing through mine. "uhmmm... i..was...I'm sorry.. i am here with a friend, he..he was right now with me" My voice was trembling. "whads ya name?" he commanded. "Susan, Susan Alston" my voice broke. i was fidgeting with my hand. My empty hands went down to my my jeans pocket and then found my phone. I thought of calling Steve, but then he would be all mad at me of being here at this hour of night. I thought of calling Adrian, but darn i didnt have his number. "shitt" I cursed, keeping my voice low. "whats your age?" he asked again. "se..seventeen" I blinked several times and looked around to see that slowly people were gathering around us.

"why did ya come here?" he glared at me.

"my friend got me here..." i replied. I didn't want to be there anymore, but it was too late. "are you the new chick for our next party?" he asked me, then he screamed at one his club member across the room " hey Carl!! , did you get her for our next customer?". Everybody was now staring at carl "No man!! Don't know who got her here" the guy with long red hair answered. "are ya from FBI o something?" the Guy in front of me asked again. "no.. i..came here to ask if  ,...If... if you know about Erica" i finally asked. I looked around to notice if anybody had any answers. If i could just spot Adrian and runaway from that place. Then my eyes set on the guy in front of me. The expression on his face said it all.

Yes. He did know ERICA.

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