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  I got  up to banging on my door, i got out of bed and opened the door to kill who ever it was. I opened the door what the hell with the banging on my door so early in the fudging morning? Leigh yo should see your hair its all over the place and i was banging on your door because your mom told me to come and wake you up! I slammed the door in his face and walked to the bathroom to get ready. 20 minutes later i walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to get something to eat.

I sat down and my mother put a plate full of food in front of me and she said eat fast because you have to leave in 15 minutes.  I was on my last bight when I heard Anderson yell for me because it was time to leave i followed him to his silver truck and got into the passer-side of the truck.  Ding,Ding, I pulled out my cell to have it read Message from Emma.

Emma- Hey girl just want to say good luck in your new school. Is there anyone hot yet that you meet?

Yeah only Emma would ask that should i tell her the truth or lie to her!

Me- Thanks and it is going to be so different from having you here with me. Yes I did meet someone hot well I kinda knew him long story!

Emma- ok miss you better tell me at lunch and i want a pic of him like now if you can.

Hey Anderson I know this is weird what I am about to ask you but can I take a pic of you. Whats wrong Leigh you don't think you can make it during classes with out looking at me? NO shut up and look at me,I got the pic and sent it to Emma i hope it's a good pic of him.

Emma- oh wow he is hot he is a keeper if he likes you does he have a brother?

Me- aha no he don't have a brother i will text you during my lunch i have to go bye!

Leigh what was that pic about? Nothing i need to show my friend the guy that is an ass to me when I was younger. Greenleigh you know when we were younger the only reason that I would pick on you was because I like you I never though you would move away and I am so sorry! Did he think that I moved away because of him? Anderson I did not move away from you my mom made me because he did not want me around all the pack stuff when i was younger.

He did not say anything, wait you like me when i was little!  I looked over at him and he was blushing, he turned his face even more so I could not see him, i though it was cute that he was blushing! He pulled into the school parking lot and pulled into the spot next to the other kids from the pack. I got out of the truck and walked into he school to find the office to get my locker and list of classes. I opened the door of the school and everyone stop to look at me the girl were giving me look that could kill me and the boys mouths were hanging open, great that's now what I wanted to happen.

I found the office and walked in the lady behind the desk asked if she could help me. Yes I am here to get my list of classes and my locker number. Yes miss. Madison and tell the Alpha that your in good hands! Great she is in our pack too man I should have know that lot of people were going to be seeing that it is the biggest pack in the world. I found my locker but there were bunch of guys standing in front of it , I pushed my way through and tryed to open it but the one guy was leaning on it. I turned around and he was ok looking but he played basketball witch i would never date a jock because they are ass.

Can you please move you are blocking my locker i said very nicely to him. the Jock said your the new girl that came in with Nathan well me and my friends want to know when can we have some fun with you too? Get the fuck out of my face right now, I could feel my self about to shift if i don't calm down. The jock put his arm around me and said don't be like that Honey, I started to shake that when i know that my wolf wants to come out and kill this guy that had his arm on me.  Steve get your hands off of her right now then i saw Nathan walk up to him and said it again. Man I am not going to say it again get your hands of Leigh, he did not listen and Nathan punched him in the face and said NOW MOVE YOUR HANDS!

Steve removed his hands/arm and took off with the rest of his friends the other way. Leigh are you ok Steve and his friends can be jerks sometimes to new girls! Yeah I am fine and thank you I was getting pissed off with some of the things that he was saying to me but i am ok now because of you Nathan. He just looked at me don't get to happy Anderson that I said your first name. I found my first class witch was art class with I love art.

I was drawing when this girl walked up to me. Your Leigh right, I nodded my head and she said that her name was Gigi that she could not believe that Nathan stood up for me. Yeah that dip bag i have know for a long time he is a family friend, he is a family friend his father is my dad beta. So Gigi what kinda of sports do they have for girls here? Hahah good one the only sport that we have here is cheer leading witch I don't think you would like!

That's right I can not stand them and when they squeaks like mouse's getting killed. Gigi started to cry at what I said because it was so funny, I had to say that it was funny to me and her but I don't think the other girls would like it we said that to them. Ladies the teacher spoke, Sorry we both said then we turned back to do our work. What is my next class going to be like?  The classes in the morning went by fast I had the first 2 classes with Gigi the last class i did not but that was math so we really did not need anyone to work with. I went to my locker and dropped my books off to get my next one that were after lunch.

I walked into the lunch room and found where all the pack members were siting, I took my seat next to Anderson. So how is your day going so far Leigh? Really good I meet a girl name Gigi so we had 3 classes together. He went back to talking to his friend and i pulled out my cell and texted Emma.

Me- Hey you would never believe what happy today when I got to school!

Emma- Please tell me that guy kissed you and he asked you out?

Me- No I wish. There was this guy said some things to me and then he would not move his arm and Nathan stepped in and made by punching him in the face.

Emma- No way that's so nice of him. His name Is Nathan i am so going to look him up!

Me- good luck on find him because i never gave you his last name!

Who is Emma Anderson asked? Dude don't look at my cell and she is my best friend. Who is she going to look up he said with a smile on his face. No one that you know and why are you reading my messages from her you do know that is not a nice thing to do. I could not help my self you were smiling so I wanted to know why.

Me- Emma I will text you back Nathan is trying to ready my messages to you.

At the end of the day i had made two friends Gigi and Rayna. Rayna is short but funny girl that I had a study hall with. I got into Anderson truck and he said I saw you talking to Rayna and I am only tell you that you should not hang out with her because she get in with the wrong crow at school. Shut up she seem nice to meet till i see other wise. We got back to the house and my mom was siting in the living room with my dad, they both looked at me and i could tell they wanted to talk to me about something. I took my seat and they just looked at me for what seem like for ever.

Ok what do you have to say just tell me. Well you know that i am going to let Matt take over being Alpha sometime but you should know that when the times comes you need to have found your mate by then. Mate Why what if I don't? Greenleigh you would be disowned from the pack and be sent off to a boarding school. Great how the hell do I know if I found my Mate?

Mom said when they touch you would feel sparks and a pull to him. I got up and ran out of the room. I was running out the door when I bumped into someone and was about to fall down when there hands stopped me from falling. That's when I felt the sparks, I looked up into Nathans eyes no this can't be happen to me not him please not him. I just looked at him and all he said was MATE!

My head was screaming no but my heart was saying yes. Um that's all I could say, Nathan let go of me and said sorry and walked away. Why did he walk away did he not want me I was not good for him because I was nothing like him? I waled to the back of the house and layed down on the ground what the hell is happen to me? Leigh you should be happy that you found your mate at your age some people don't find there mates till they are 20 years old.

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