Chapter Twenty-Six: Whatever happens I will always be there with you.

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Chapter Twenty-Six: Whatever happens I will always be there with you.

Monday noon.

GEORGE sat at the edge of Lydia's hospital bed, waiting for her to wake up.

The nurses and doctors had reassured him that Lydia was fine and no permanent or serious damage was done. She had just hit her head too hard.

"What the hell happened?" He heard Aaron ask through the phone. George's knew that he'd have to explain to Aaron everything that had been happening so he did just that.

"So, River, Marlon's best mate, was about to hit my sister because she broke his best friend's nose?"

"Yeah," George sighed, thinking about the whole drama that had taken place. This is nothing like high school.

"Listen, I have to go but I'll call you after class. Get some rest, man, you did your best."

Shaking his head, George said a quick goodbye before turning off his phone and taking Lydia's hand in his.

"I love you."


A knock on the door made George jump out of the armchair. Glancing to Lydia he sighed, still asleep.

Turning to the door, he saw Freya with tears running down her face and a bruise shaped like a handprint forming across her cheek.

"Is she alright?" The red-haired girl whispered she was genuinely scared of the answer.

Nodding, George smiled sadly at her," she's fine. How are you?" Freya's eyes widened at the question. Nobody seemed to ever ask her that question.

Shrugging, Freya his her emotions with a fake smile," better knowing the two of them will be behind bars."

A smile made its way onto George's face. He was happy to know that they wouldn't be able to hurt Freya or Lydia again.



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