MIX UP OMG girls and nicki minaj

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once upon a time there lived a prinsses named nicki minaj she had a fariy godmother who hated so              bad she made a song called pound the alarm. Oh,oh,oh come fill my glass up a little more We bout  to  get up and burn this floor     You know we getting hotter and hotter  Sexy and higher let's shut it down    YO what i gotta do to show these Girls that  i own  some call me nicki and some call me roman SKeeza, please I'm in ibiza  Woh Giuseppe's and I'll be my own sneaker Sexy, sexy that's all i do if u need a bad girl let me call a few Pumps on and them   littli mini skirts   is out i see some good girls imma turn' em out OK bottle sip bottle guzzel ima bad girl no muzzel hey? bottle sip bottl guzzul ima bad girl let's go Music makes me High pound the alarm  pound the alarm, holla back if u hear me hear me i didin't come home just to hang with my girls tonight cause i know u feeling lonly lonly i need the perfect boy to rock my world that's right everybody needs somebody All the pretty girls wanna have some fun i ain't the only girl that wanna meet somebody everybody wanna meet  the perfect one and i'm little picky not just anybody                                                                 

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