The Voice (Louis Tomlinson)

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Evelyn Thompson (Main Character)

Louis Tomlinson (Second Main Character)

Eleanor Calder

Zayn Malik

Niall Horan

Liam Payne

Harry Styles


Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurts? Evelyn Thompson has.

Nineteen year old Evelyn has been deaf ever since the day she was born. While she was young, she thought everyone was like her, but she soon learned different. As her school years began, bullying was not far away. Kids picked on her daily because she was 'different'.

Feeling worthless and out of hope Evelyn made a decision one day. She would end it. She would end the bullying, the hate, the tears. Her life.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, pills in hand, Evelyn was ready to end it all. The white chalky pills at her lips, tears streaming down her face.. this was it.

She took one last glance at her surroundings before all she would see was black. Looking around, something caught her eye. Her TV. Flashing across her screen was the caption to her favorite song. Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. Her eyes immediately were glued to one boy. His straight brown hair framing his perfect face, his piercing blue eyes, his adorable button nose...but that wasn't all. There was one thing about him that she couldn't take her eyes off of. His smile. As he sang, a huge smile was spread across his face. He looked so... happy.

Happy. The feeling Evelyn has longed for. She wanted to feel that way. She had too.


From that moment on, the boy, or shall we say Louis Tomlinson, became Evelyn Thompson's companion. Every week she would watch him perform with the group One Direction, envying the lucky people who got the privileged to hear his voice.

If there was thing Evelyn truly wanted. It was to hear him sing... but she knew, that day would never come.

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