The Wall

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I let negative, fear- stricken thoughts make their way into my mind. I let them entangle themselves into my world and trick me into listening to them. I let them convince me that I had reason to be afraid and ashamed.The thoughts took over and conquered, abrupt and swift. They attacked all at once, sudden like a summer storm. How the rain pours with no prior warning. The enemy thoughts crept into my mind in the same cruel manner.  Meanwhile, my mental barrier of strength, that kept all other emotions away, collapsed and came down with a crash. Those brutal thoughts violently tore away at it, until there was nothing to show. Now, I struggle to rebuild it. Now, confidence is a seemingly foreign term.

Now what do I do? I do the only thing I can do. I must slowly rebuild the wall of strength. Every time the wall is rebuilt, it comes back stronger than ever before. 

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