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iBrain Hack

Xena Amirani

Copyright 2012 by Xena Amirani.

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To Rezvon, for being the best fan an author could have and to Mommy and Daddy for encouraging my love of both writing and technology. – XA


On February 27, 2093, in Cupertino, California, Mark Solbay clicked the enter button on his holographic keyboard. Solbay, 53, was the current CEO of the worldwide known Apple company. He was a slim man, with gray hair and brilliant blue eyes. He was also a genius when it came to modern technology and neuroscience. And because he had such great knowledge on these two subjects, he was able to invent the most amazing computer yet. The final tests had been run and the iBrain was officially ready to be sold in public market. In four days, technology lovers would be swarming to the Apple stores for the newest innovative product. This was unlike anything anyone had seen before. No longer would computers be simple devices. From now on, they would be a part of the human brain. Solbay glanced at the now published advertisement. "No more messy headsets or jewelry. No more hassle to put on special computerized clothes or nail polish. From now on, your computer will be a part of your brain. The iBrain will feature an entirely new form of software, limited access to other iBrain users' thought streams, a never seen before gaming system, and a unique form of social networking. This amazing product will be available on March 3, 2093. Limited availability; products must be reserved. View the Apple data page for more information." Then below the main ad, in smaller print, it read, "People with mental disabilities such as autism, epilepsy, and other seizure causing conditions should not use this product. Must be over fifteen years of age to purchase the iBrain for yourself and over twenty-one years of age to purchase for a minor under the age of fifteen. This product is not recommended for children under seven. One item per customer." Solbay nodded. It would do. Their biggest customers wouldn't even look at this ad. They were the people who had been awaiting the release of the iBrain for months. They had already memorized nearly every feature of the product explained on the Apple data page. But publishing an ad never hurt. The worst it could do was recruit more customers. Solbay thanked his coworkers and said goodbye for the night.

Meanwhile, Ben Resse, the CEO of Droyd, Apple's biggest rival, seethed in jealousy. Once again, Apple had beaten them. How were they able to come up with the iBrain before them? It was just like the iRing, iNails, and every other recent Apple product. Droyd had to come up with a similar product and they had to do it fast. Unfortunately, Resse had no idea how to. He had to face the truth; if a similar Droyd product wasn't released in the next six months, Droyd would no longer exist. Resse had to do something to save his company. Using his FingerDroyd, he called for his two best advisors, Rajat Kamoji and Kile Skenson, to come to his office. Moments later, they entered. Resse knew that he looked like a wreck. He was red faced and sweating. He was generally a calm man and had never looked so angry. "Mr. Resse, what's wrong? Is there anything I can do for you?" Skenson asked him.

"Well, you're here. I appreciate that," Resse said.

Kamoji nodded. "And sir, why exactly are we here?" he inquired.

"As you know, in four days, the Apple iBrain will be released. We have nothing like it. When Droyd customers realize that there will be no iBrain supplement, we will lose all our customers. Droyd will be bankrupt. All of us will lose our jobs!" Resse shouted. Kamoji looked at Skenson with a concerned expression. They had never seen Resse in such an agitated state. 

"Sir, I'm sure we won't lose our customers. We'll definitely be able to invent a similar product in a couple of years," Skenson said.

"A couple of years? Nobody is going to wait a couple of years for our product to come out! By then, Apple would have updated their product at least two times!" Resse sighed.

"Well, sir, I have no solution. We have to stay put and hope for the best," Skenson responded.

"Actually, I have an idea," Kamoji exclaimed. His voice dropped to a loud whisper, "We may not be able to develop a product compatible with the iBrain from our own plans and ideas, but that doesn't mean that we have to use our own plans and ideas."

"What are you suggesting?" Resse wondered.

"I am simply stating that we can use Apple's plans in our product," Kamoji explained.

"Are you hinting that we should send spies to the Apple headquarters?" Resse wondered.

"No," Kamoji shook his head, "It is much simpler than that. And in fact, the iBrain made our job a lot easier."

"Why is that?" Resse demanded.

"Because it gave us direct access to the human brain. The iBrain is a computer, which means it can be hacked. Why don't we simply hack Solbay's very own personal iBrain for everything we need to know?" Kamoji said with a slight smile on his face. Skenson looked jealous that he hadn't come up with the idea himself and there was a hopeful look on Resse's face.

"Rajat, you must know that the iBrain will obviously be protected by some very strong software and even the best hackers working in Droyd will not be able to easily be able to infiltrate it," Resse said.

"Well, why would we limit ourselves to Droyd? We should plan to recruit some of the best hackers on the planet," Kamoji decided.

"This will cost us a lot of money," Resse exclaimed.

"It will be worth it," Kamoji responded. 

"Yes, if it goes successfully," Resse said.

"It will go successfully," Kamoji stated.

"You are so sure because?" Resse asked.

"Because I am attempting to recruit iHack," Kamoji responded. Kamoji smiled as Resse's mouth dropped open. iHack was the most infamous hacker on Earth. There was no software that this mysterious person or organization had been unable to hack. But it specialized in Apple products, hence the name iHack. Of course it would be interested in hacking the iBrain; it would probably be the only hacker in the world that could. But the question was, would it work for Droyd? And how would they contact it? Nobody knew who or what iHack even was. Nobody had any information on this phantom hacker except for the tiny iHack logo followed by the bleeding Apple logo that it left on its greatest hacking jobs. Nobody knew where it was located, or who it was. In fact, iHack had a Tweetit page and its own data page, but no contact information was given. It was the most notorious and secretive hacker in the current era. What would make it want to work for Droyd and how would they get hold of it? And that was exactly what Resse asked Kamoji. Kamoji smiled once again. "There is a data page blog called the Mac Hack Group. It has a very active blogger named iHack. If we make an account and post a comment about our request, iHack may respond." For a moment, Resse allowed himself to feel hopeful as he beamed and shook Kamoji's hand while hugging him. In the corner, a very jealous looking Skenson shook his head at the incident.

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