Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

“Wake up, Carter.” Someone shook me. My senses went on alert and my eyes went wide open.

“Wha- what?! Is some- Whoa!” My stiff back slipped down the trunk and I met with the soil I was sitting on. “Fuck,” I mutter, trying to sit back – my body making weird bone-cracking noises – and to dust soil off my beloved leather jacket. I had one jacket and no bloody dry-cleaners around here.

“Aren’t you overreacting,” She said. I looked up to see Kara looking at with a teasing smirk on her face.

“Overreacting my ass,” I muttered as I stood up at last and stretched before running a hand through my hair, only to have my fingers get halfway stuck in the tangles of my hair. 

“Hey,” Kara raised her hands in defense. “I wasn’t the one who recommended soil-mattress for you.”

“Why are you here?” I say exasperatedly. It was Sunday for god sakes and I’m not used to getting along with mornings on weekends. 

“You have a visitor.”

“Dafuq!” I say in surprise. Me and visitors? I narrow my eyes. This would be one of those vivid dreams where weird things happen but you don’t realize it is unless you wake up. Whoa - hold the bloody wagon there - vivid dream? That was quite unoriginal of you, Carter. Disapointing.

“Don’t gimme that look. Your sis is really here.” Kara said. Don’t liste- Wait, what?!

“My sis, you mean, Sierra is here?” I asked. Don’t get your hopes up, Carter. Sister reunion never smells good.

“Yeah, well, you can say that. So, the visiting hours here does not exactly corresponds to forever, which is why I would suggest you to move your ass since you have already wasted ten minutes of your allotted one hour. Your sis doesn’t seem like a patient person, is she?”

“Oh, she’s used to getting things as soon as she wishes for it.” I said absent-mindedly as I dust off the soil from my ripped jeans. “Let’s go.” I start walking towards the school.

“She’s waiting for us in the main hall.” Kara said as she fell in step beside me. We quietly walked up to the lobby, my insides bubbled in excitement. It was only my will to not look like a high-on-caffeine crazy monkey to Sierra that stopped me from skipping.

“Whoa.” I suddenly stop at the entrance of the lobby when I see two people waiting against the main staircase. Pacing in front of the grand staircase was a fuming Sierra with her arms crossed in front of her bright checkered shirt. Her hair were pulled back in a high pony-tail and she wore dark wire-rimmed glasses. But the person sitting on the stairs caught my attention. She had the same straight, jet black hair like Sierra and I, only hers were chin-length and messily-kept on purpose. Her gray eyes held the all too familiar mischievous glint. She had a lip piercing and more piercings in her ears than me. Her right forearm was tattooed extensively, more so than I remember.

“I know right!” Kara exclaimed from beside me.

“Erin?” My voice came out in a squeak. She turned her scowling face from Sierra to look at me. Her eyes widened in surprise as she gave me an once-over.

“Oh my,” She said as she stood up from her seat on the stairs. “You have changed, sis.”

“Like I said, just like you.” Sierra muttered, turning to look at me as well.

“Shut up, Si,” Erin waved a hand in Sierra’s direction as she kept looking at me. “Come to Erie, little girl.” She smirked as she held her arms out to me.

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