Chapter 3

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Sarah won't say a word. Not one. She is just crying. Not crying. Balling her eyes out. I just wish she would tell me! I know it's not about a boy, because she would never ever let a guy break her down like this. I'm starting to get worried. Really, really worried.

"The boys, they got in an-" she sputtered out. "accident" she winced as the said the final word. That one sentence did the damage of getting hit by a train. My life is over. What happened to my brother? Is he okay?

"Sarah, getup. We are going to the hospital. Do your parents know?" oh shoot. I need to tell my mom.

"Yes they called her."

"We are stopping at my house then going to the hospital." I didn't wait for her to answer. I walked out of the door crying. I can't believe this has happened!

After I told my mom we were off. The ride was completely silent. It had to be the longest twenty minutes of my life. The whole time I was repeating 'please be okay' in my mind.

Yes. We are here. Sarah is sitting on my right crying silent tears. We jump out and run to the front desk. "who are you here to see?" this woman disgusted me. How can she be so heartless!?

"Last names are Bell and Workman."

"Connor and Brandon are in the first door on the right. Josh is on the left." Oh no. Ethan? I looked over to Sarah who had already had a death glare going.

"And Ethan?" Sarah finally asked.

"He is not to be seen. He is in intensive care. No visitors allowed." this woman must not know who she is talking to. Sarah looked as if she was ready to pounce. I grabbed her hand and felt her relax at my touch.

"Let's go" she reluctantly followed me into the first room with Brandon and Connor. I relaxed when I saw my brother was not too badly injured. I ran over and hugged him.

"I'm fine Casey," he laughed "just a few stitches" he pulled up his sleeve and I saw a cut about two inches long.

"Thank god" I smiled and hugged him again. From across the room I saw Sarah smile.

"And whats the damage to you Brandon?" I asked.

"A small concussion." he started to tear up "I'm so sorry I didn't mean too! I don't see the sign until the last minute! I stopped and the car behind hit us." He sobbed.

"Its okay, it's not your fault." I said quietly. I looked at Sarah. "Lets go and see everyone else." she nodded and turned to joshes room.

"Hey josh" Sarah said as she opened the door. He looked at us and started crying.

"Ethan-" that's all he had to say for us to know how bad E's injuries are. I love Ethan! He is like my little brother! How can this happen!? Please let him be okay...


-Is Ethan going to be okay?

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