Remember When...? (Prolouge)

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Images, blinding with light and color, flashed in front of me in a quick blur. Not a single one seeable in my tired eyes.

Familiar voices echoed around me, blending together in an unconprehensible chorus.

A feeling of dread rested on top of me as my slow brain tried to remember where I was. In the back of my mind I felt my body attempting to prepare itself for something it couldn't remember seeing before.

My instincts told me to run, but my muscles wouldn't budge. And what was I running from anyways?

The anxiety of the moment was rising making me uneasy. My nerves itched as the chorus of voices tuned down to little more than a whisper leaving behind a single one. A familiar male voice that caused my heart to beat faster and my head to clear. Over and over it repeated a single word, goodbye, as the images faded to leave behind a blank canvas.

I listened to the voice and stared at the canvas in confusion. It seemed to be waiting, but it shook with impatience. Still understanding was slaw to come to me.

So slow that the quivering canvases impatience got the better of it and quickly faded into an image.

I reached toward the image, multiple scars glowing on my wrist that I had forgotten were there, ricognition coursing through my veings. The soft lips, the broad shoulders, and the intense burning flame of care and love tat lights his blue gray eyes as he watches me behind a sheet of glass pulls me towards him.

My hand comes to stop against the cool glass. something doesn't fee right. When he lays his hand against mine on the opposite side I notice not a trace of a smile on his lips.

But they began to move before i could stop what was already a laid out plan. In the same voice that had taken all the strength I had to not fall into, he whispered no more that a single word, "Goodbye," before the glass and he shattered to thousands of tiny shards at my feet.


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