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Zayn's Pov:

Thing were great. No they was better then great they were unbelievable. We made it through to yet another week thanks to our dedicated fans. One Direction was growing and developing as each week passed. I was living my dream with my three new brothers and my beautiful boyfriend. I'm grateful to X Factor for the opportunity it's given me, But I'm also grateful for the people it's brought into my life. Life was good, So why did it have to turn into a nightmare? Why did my happiness have to be sucked away and replaced with pain and worry. Today I spoke to my mum on the phone and she told me my grandad was really ill. Now I'm extremely close to my family, I'm not ashamed to admit it either, And that's why it hurts to know I can't be there for them. The moment my mum told me about his illness I couldn't stop the tears that fell from my eyes, I cried down the phone, I could hear the sadness in my mums voice as she tried to comfort me. The moment I got off the phone to my mum I rushed to the boys knowing I could rely on them to be there for me. 

"Zayn, What's wrong?" Liam asked, The moment I walked into the room concern washed over his face. 

"My grandad, He's ill, Really ill" I cried out, Niall jumped from his bed and rushed over to me at the speed of light, He pulled me into a tight hug, I cried into his chest wrapping my arms tightly around him. 

"Shh baby shh" He whispered into my ear. Seconds later I felt Liam at my side, He was soothingly rubbing my back. 

"It's ok Zayn, Were here for you, Whatever you need just ask" He said, I then felt Lou and Harry joining the hug. 

"Were here for you ok Zi?" They said in unison, I smiled slightly. I had no idea what I would do without these boys especially Niall. Everyone pulled away from the hug apart from Niall, He smiled lovingly at me. 

"I'm here for you, I love you Zayn" He said. 

"I know, I love you" I whispered back, We exchanged smiles before leaning in to share a quick kiss, Automatically being teased by Lou and Haz. I chuckled before pulling Niall into another kiss. I have my support system and I love them all so much. 

A few days later we was reunited with all the X Factor finalists to record this years charity single 'Heros'. Everyone was excited to be reunited again. Loads of hugs were being exchanged, Jokes were being made, But Niall he looked on edge. I walked up to him and gently wrapped my arms around his waist. 

"What's wrong?" I asked. 

"Her" Niall replied shooting daggers in Geneva's direction. If looks could kill she would have been long gone by now. I chuckled before slowly kissing up and down Niall's neck. 

"She's got nothing on you baby, Just stay close to me, Now come on, I want to hear theses guys stories" I said referring to the soldiers. Not only are we recording the single but were also shooting the video and we have the privilege of meeting a few people who have fought for our country, I couldn't wait to hear there inspirational stories. Niall sighed before nodding his head and sending one more glare in Geneva's direction. I love this jealous side of him it's so sexy. Geneva was trying to be all cuddly with me during the whole shoot, But I just stayed closer to Niall, This bitch wasn't causing trouble for us not again. 

"I love you" I whispered into Niall's ear before I gently kissed his neck, I could see Geneva glaring at us but I did nothing apart from hold my beautiful boyfriend closer. 

"Hello, Were One Direction and this is our video diary week 8!" Harry said. Here we are doing yet another video diary. I couldn't get my grandad out my head, But this is our chance to give back to the fans for only a few minutes so I pushed that aside and concentrated on the camera and the beautiful boy infront of me. Today Niall and Louis was infront, Me and Harry was behind them, And Liam was at the back. We were all pretty drained this week so we hoped this video diary would be enough. Louis was sitting there making fake cups of tea with pickle and salt. We were all going to pretend to drink it, Pretty crazy but hey were a bunch of idiots. Niall was joking around with Louis making my insides churn, When I looked at how happy Niall is it makes me happy. I began to speak about the song we sang last week, Explaining how I enjoyed doing the slower songs because there vocally more challenging, Now don't get me wrong I love doing the up beat stuff, But I think slow songs show your voice off more and you can do alot more with them and not to mention you can prove yourself as a singer. Niall asked me what my trade mark saying is and I replied with my normal. Vas Happenin! Causing Niall to laugh happily, A small smile spread across my lips, Even now whenever he smiles I fall more in love with him. 

Niall's reply beforehand was that he's Irish so that's his trademark. Harry replied saying his curly hair. Us lads always tease Harry about his hair we like to sit there playing with them because there so soft and luscious. I couldn't help but smile as Niall tried to express his love for Justin , Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against Justin but if he gets cuddly with my boyfriend it's going to be a different story. Once the video diary ended I wrapped my arms tightly around Niall groaning into his ear, Niall chuckled. 

"What's crawled in your pants?" He asked. 

"Justin has" I replied pouting, Niall laughed before giving me a quick kiss. 

"I love you not Justin" Niall stated, A massive smile spread across my face before I pulled Niall into another kiss. 

-Sunday Night-

Saturday was amazing for us. Each week our fan base grows. The screams get louder, And the adrenaline runs deeper. The comments from the judges make all the hard work worth while. They see that each week we come out fighting. But the fans are what makes this whole experience worth while. Tonight we are performing the charity single for the first time, Doing this has made me feel like I've done something amazing for the people who fight for our country, It makes me proud. However there is a down side, Geneva is here again tonight and she's been hanging around me like a bad smell. Even after the performance she was latching onto me like a leach, All I wanted was my boyfriend, But Niall had gone up to the studio to watch Justin give his interview to the Xtra Factor. 

"So how's the house without me? Bet it's lonely" She said trying to sound flirty but instead she sounded desperate. 

"It's been great actually" I replied, Geneva slapped my arm. 

"Oh Zayn don't joke, I know you miss me" She said, I rolled my eyes before standing up. 

"Why would I miss you? When I have someone better?" I asked. 

"Like who?" She scoffed. 

"Like Niall" I replied. She scoffed again, She's bloody lucky shes a girl otherwise I would have punched her for the way shes talking about Niall!. 

"Your not actually being serious are you?" She said raising an eyebrow. 

"I'm deadly serious. Niall's fucking amazing, So don't you ever make the mistake of thinking your better then him cause you ain't worth shit compared to him!" I spat before walking off to find my boyfriend. I bumped into him as he was making his way down from the studio, I rushed over to him and wrapped my arms around him. Niall chuckled before wrapping his around me. 

"How was the interview?" I asked.

"Lonely without you" He replied, I smiled before kissing his cheek. 

"Let's get out of here, I want to sleep and cuddle" I said Niall chuckled before nodding his head. We then met up with the boys and got in the car to drive back to the X Factor house.

Once we arrived there everyone decided that they wanted so sit down and watch the performance of the charity single, However me and Niall said we wanted to get an early night so we made our way up the stairs and into our shared bedroom with the boys. Once inside we shut the door before pulling off our shirts. 

"Want to sleep in my bunk tonight?" I asked. Niall nodded his head, I climbed up and Niall joined me moments later, I wrapped my arms tightly around him and Niall wrapped his around me in return. 

"We've actually made it to the semi final" Niall said. 

"I know, It hasn't sunk in yet" I replied smiling at Niall. 

"You think we can actually do it Zi? You think we can make it to the final?" Niall asked. I looked down at him. 

"Of course I do. Were halfway there Nialler, And were not stopping until we've gone all the way" I replied. Niall smiled, I leaned down before kissing him. No matter where the X Factor took us the one thing I was certain of was that my journey with Niall had only just begun. 

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