First Day At School

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A/N : I decided to write another chapter in case i cant update tommorow : D 

Chapter 1 

I slowly opened my eyes,the sun was beaming through the window . i glanced at the alarm clock and realised it was 6 :42 Great !! i had enough time to get ready ! 

i opened the doors to my closet and walked in i walked around a little. i had to make a good impression so i decided on a see through blouse with small cotton daisies on it with a baby pink blazer , jeans and slip ons .

i applied lite make up and grabbed bag .

i ran down stairs and was quickly greeted by my mum . i stole the toast from the plate that was set up in my place and said good bye to my mum .

i jumped into my car which was a silver polo and made my way to the school .

i arrived at the school gates and parked my car .

i didnt really know where i was going so i kind of just walked around a bit until i found a girl in the halls going through her locker .

"ummmm , can you please tell me where the reception is ? " 

"sure im on my way there now i can take you if you like ? :" 

"even better ! " 

she finished rumaging through her locker and lead me to the reception .

i saw my chance of making a freind and built up the courage to ask her name 

" soooo ummm ... what's your name ? "

there was no responce .

i knew i shouldnt of asked i just met her and i was already being nosey asking for her NAME !!!! 

She grabbed my arm and shook it violently 

"look over there !! " she wisperd point towards a a hot boy walking through the hall with about 30 girls on his arm 

he looked in our direction and looked plainly at the girl leading me to the reception he looked in my direction and gave me a mysterious look the i couldnt quiet read before walking past he gave me a quick cheeky wink and continued walk down the halls grabbing every ones attention 

"OMG HE WINKED AT YOU !!!!!!!! "

"so ? he probably winkes at everyone "

"Nooo , you dont understand every time he winks at someone next week you will be on his arm like the rest  of them you're like his mission "

" well im gonna try and avoid him ! "

A/N : Im so sorry the chapter is a bit crappy im getting the intro of her now home ,friends and school over then the story will get a whole lot better !!!! 

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