Chapter 30 Will this ever end?

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Byakuya's POV

   I should have known. He must really be focused on revenge. I swore to myself, my zanpakuto was in the other room. Fumiya just grins as he holds his zanpukto.

"i made the mistake of torturing you. I'll just finish you off quickly this time!" He said as he slashes at me. I dodge it, but a small cut appears on my check. 

I didn't have the strength to take him on. All I had to do was dodge and hopefully somebody will notice.

Akyoshi's POV

   I lick my shave ice as I admire all of the ice sculptures. They were so pretty.

"You having a good time?" Renji asks as him and Ichigo were hand wrestling each other.

"Yeah!" I said. I couldn't shake this feeling that something was terribly wrong.

"Hey Mom, can I go back and give the rest of the shave ice to Papa?" I ask. She nods and takes a lick before she and Rukia go off together.

I walk home. Something didn't feel right. Usually there's maids walking around or somthing. I walk to Papa's room.

Byakuyas's POV

   I was pinned against the wall.

"Fumiya, it wasn't me who killed your father. it was my father who killed him. Your father killed many Kuchiki nobles." I tried to tell him. But he pressed his blade closer to my neck.

"Papa!" a voice yelled. Fumiya and I look towards the doorway. Akyoshi stood in the doorway, a shave ice bowl lay forgotten on the ground.

"Hello AKyoshi, care to join us?" Fumiya asks.

"RUN!" I scream at him. I couldn't let him die. I grab Fumiya's arm.

"Hado number 31, Shakaho!" I said. Fumiya screamed in pain as his arm was burnt to crisp.

I run to Akyoshi, scoop him into my arms and flash stepped away.

I arrived in my room, set Akyoshi down and grab Senbonzakura.

"Stay close to me." I tell AKyoshi.

"Was that the man who hurt you?" he asked as he admired Senbonzakura.

"Yes, and whatever you do, stay in this barrier." I tell him.

I use up the rest of my reatisu and use Kyomon. I fall to my knees, exhausted. Akyoshi looks at me with fear and concern.

"I'm alright." I try to tell him.

"No, not you. Him." Akyoshi points behind me. Fumiya stood by the doorway, his arm blackened by my kido.

"Now you're really going to pay for that!" Fumiya screams

"Sheate Snebonzakura!" I unsheathed my zanpakuto. 

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