It felt good catching up with my girls, and Chrissy was due any day now. "So how have things been for you?" Chrissy asked me "Well Trey and I are getting back on track and Leah is trying to be cool with me" I said "Oh really" Dee said "I don't trust her" Kalen added."Neither do I, but I don't have time for bs so it is what it is" I said "Plus my dad is mad with me" I said. "Why" Dee asked "Because yesterday I filled in for Kalen and he shows up with Adrienne to buy the house" I said "What" Kalen and the girls asked "Yep, and I had to keep it professional so I acted like I didn't know them. But he wants to talk like I'm his child after a while and says I need to respect Adrienne and that he's going to live his life with or without me" I finished.

"Girl..." Kalen said "Now that's dead ass wrong" Chrissy said "What did you say" Dee asked. "I told him he can live without because the bitch messed with my boyfriend and you, so what does that make you?" I said with the same anger I had for him. "Ohhh..he probably wanted to kill your ass" Kalen said "He he was about to, but he left instead" I said "I don't know what to say about that, but you do need to watch what you say to him Sky he is your father" Chrissy said trying to reason, but I felt differently " He ain't no kin of mine" I said seriously. Because at this point he was dead to me "I know he does have his faults but don't be like that Sky" Dee said. And I don't know what their problem is "He is the one who's wrong, so stop feeling sorry for him" I said.

"I completely understand how you feel, but if something happens to him today or tomorrow your gonna regret the things you said" Kalen said. Now they were making me feel bad, but I didn't want to, he hurt me and I have to be the bigger person Hell No! "Whatever, I'm just not going to talk to him" I said. We changed subjects and chatted for a while longer then I headed to Trey's house.

When I got there the house was dark, and when I cut the lights on Trey stood there with a nice suit on. "What are you doing?" I asked him "Come come my lady" he said grabbing my hand and leading me to his bedroom. "This here is for you, get dressed and meet me downstairs" he said instructing me "Ok my love, I'll be there" I said winking at him. He walked backwards leaving out " Get sexy for your man" he said turning around leaving out. I wonder where we're going, he had a cute red dress for me so I guess somewhere formal.

After I got dressed I made my way down to his living room "Damn" he said aloud "You look beautiful" he said twirling me around "Thank you" I said looking him up and down. He knew how to dress as well "Where are we going" I asked him. "You'll see when we get there" he said, and I wanted to know now! But he wouldn't give me a clue as to where we were going. But after a good while we pulled up to a airport, and there was a jet sitting there with a man dressed in a suit standing outside next to the open door. "Trey" I said looking over to him, but he just grabbed my hand and led me onto the jet. When I got on all I could say was "Wow" there was no other words.

I really didn't expect this, but I was definitely going to enjoy it. "You did this for me?" I asked him still in shock "Of course, why wouldn't I?" he questioned. But I didn't know how to respond because no one had ever done anything like this for me before. "Because I know your busy a lot and you take time out for this type of stuff" I said, "You are apart of my business, so you being taken care of is important to me. I love spending time like this with you so enjoy it baby" he said pecking my lips. We talked for a while and after a while I fell asleep.

But when I woke up we were in a car on our way to this beautiful looking place. "Where are we?" I asked him "Jamaica baby" he said.

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