Bulls In The Bronx [Fan Fiction] Project - By RainPierce

                                                 The Balcony Scene

Have you ever really danced on the edge?

Is something still scaring you?

Have you ever really danced on the edge?

The count of three is over.

You have no idea what something's worth until you have completely lost it.

I remember reading that line somewhere in a fan-fiction before. Even though fan-fiction has been given a raw reputation, the people who write based off something they love... aren't always delusional or "inexperienced" girls or boys. In all honest opinion, fan-fiction doesn't have its well-deserved appreciation because it's not by a published, New York Time's selling author. People always want and seek the best and often seek for it in a nice and well polished book cover. The most beautiful things aren't always recognized but well hidden, and that's because they want to be found... I've read that in a fan-fiction too... And well, I have to give these authors some credit, half of the fan-fiction writers lived enough and seen a lot, that they've become so wise in such a young age... They dedicate their time to write out a whole story based off what made their lives much better... Either bands, or whatever... That is what writers do, they collect what they like, and shape it into a fictional being... They are willing to express their emotional pain, stress, happiness, or deep sorrow... In order to let someone understand what it is like to feel this way.

When reading these quotes, I realized how much truth were in those words.

Perhaps I am still young, but that doesn't determine how wise I am. I may have lived for two decades, but a lot can happen in a year... And there is yet, a lot to happen. 

People impact the minds of other people, and you can also say, their whole entire lives as well.

I remember when I used to say, there is such thing as the one. Of course, like many other girls, they get their heart broken by the one they called "the one". It's difficult to fall in love when you get your heart broken and betrayed in ways by a person that ruined your whole perspective of love. You become afraid, and perhaps don't put much mind to it... and that's when your dreams head to the trash.

In all honest words, I feel sorry for them, also for myself.


My eyes locked with Tony's, and I soon recognized the curiosity that laid in his eyes. After I have said everything I had to say, Tony wanted to have a private talk with me, kicking the guys out the room for a while. The pizza was finished, and dirty plates and cups remained. Jaime decided to wash the dishes, while Mike decided to wash the cups, and Vic was left to take out the trash. Once they had left, me and Tony were left alone in the living room. And it was a bit cute because it felt like he was going to give me a "mother to daughter" speech. And with all honesty, Tony looks like the type to as well.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, awkwardly. It was a bit quiet, plus, Tony was just adjusting into his seat. I tucked the little strand of hair covering the side of my face, over my ear.

"I... understand where you're coming from." Tony began, lifting his head up, breaking the silence.

"Good to know," I replied, giving a small smile.

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