He shrugs and wiggles his fingers like a little child. I chuckle and scoot closer to him and lean into his side. He wrap one his arms around the front of my waist and I bring my arms to my chest, pulling the sleeves of my sweater over to cover my hands. He takes the arm behind me and starts to gently stroke my curly hair, he must really love it. Harry stretches his legs out in front of him and I tuck my legs near my body, on the couch. It was cold outside and I shiver because of his cold skin. He hugs me tighter and I relax. What was strange though, it felt like every curve of my body fit in with his. Like two puzzle pieces together. I felt like his hold on me, would keep me safe from all the bad things in this world. How cliche. I lean into his chest and laugh when I see we're watching Love Actually.

                        "Romantic comedy?" I ask, smirking. I feel him shrug and his chin rests on top of my head.

                           "Got to love Rom-Com." His low British accent chirped.


                        I looked around at the view in front of me. I was on a cliff and the ocean exceeded on before me, beyond my eye can see. I turn to my left and see a hand reaching out to me. I grab the hand and smile. I then turn to my right and see Sophia. My sister who died of cancer three years ago. I smile brightly, my eyes filling with tears. "Sophia." I breathe.

                        Her golden, super curly hair, flaps around in the wind and she had golden eyes like me. We had both gotten our mom's hair type, but I got my mum's hair color while Sophia got dad's hair color, blonde. Me and Sophia both got our dad's golden eyes while mum has hazel eyes.

                        "Elizabeth Claire Hunter." Sophia scolded, chuckling. I wince at the word Elizabeth. She's not old enough to scold me, I'm the older sister. I give her a questioning look and see grins, "I thought I taught you better." She smirked.

                          I scoff playfully, "As if. You didn't teach me anything except how younger sisters are annoying." She shakes her head, smiling as her hair surrounds her like a golden halo.

                       "Just remember, the heart wants, what the heart wants. You may not know it, but your thread of fate is twisting with someone's..."

                        I raise an eyebrow, "Who?" She gives a pointed glance towards the thing to my left and I turn to it, seeing the hand I grabbed earlier. I look up the hand, traveling up the arm, seeing a flash of green eyes that were emerald green sometimes or just a light green, like the color of...uh...

                      "Eliza?" Before I could pin point who's hand I was holding, everything broke like a glass shattering and and I started to fall in a dark crevice. "Eliza?!" 


                       My eyes fly open and I look around the room, before realizing I as just at Harry's flat. Wait, so I fell asleep during the movie?

                              "Eliza?" I look down and see I was laying asleep on Harry's lap and Harry was trying to wake me. I'm confused about my dream and want to know more, but I obviously can't. I swat his hand away, blushing and got up. I sat beside Harry and yawned, stretching my arms above my head, "Sorry Harry."

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