Chapter 2: Explaining

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It turns out that their names are Vince( the dark haired one) and Jupiter(blondie). They take me to their automobile thing and drive somewhere. I stare out the window at the passing landscapes while my reflection stares back at me with dark blue eyes and pale skin. My hand runs through my raven locks. When are they going to start asking questions? They're bound to. You just don't take in a complete stranger that you barely know with out some answers.

"Where are you from?" Vince asks, turning in the passenger seat.

"I'm from......" I question myself mentally if these two are trust worthy. .....Yes. They are. "Amaryllis. The world of Amaryllis. It's in the magic realm.

Jupiter's eyes widen to the size of pancakes.

"Wait, you're some sort of alien?" He asks.

"... Well, not really. Amaryllis is alot like Earth. We just have things like magic and demons." I answer akwardly.

"Mmhm. And..... you have Hot Topics there?" Vince questions doubtfully.

"Something like it. Yes. If Amaryllis weren't somewhat as modern as Earth, I would probably be speaking in old english." The two teens look at each other for a moment and nodd.

"Vince and I have decided to let you stay with us until you can find out what to do." Vince turns to look at me again while Jupiter just glances at me in the rearview mirror. "But, we need to get you some new clothes." I glance down at my tattered trench coat, red shirt, and black skinnies. Amaryllian clothes.

"....True. But, if anything weird happens, don't be suprised. Some of my people may come after me. Most likely my brother..." I add that last part quietly. Luckily, they didn't hear it.

"Well, we don't mind. Our lives need more excitement, don't they, Vincent?" Jupiter states, grinning like an idiot. His brother nodds in agreement. This just got interesting.

alright. theres chapter two! oh, and who ever can tell me where i got the planet's name from will get a virtual high five. remember, vote, fan, and comment!

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