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Chapter Two

The dream

I was unconscious and falling deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean. The cold water caressing my body, welcoming it happily. I was falling deeper into the dark abyss of the ocean.

Suddenly I was jolted awake by someone pulling me towards the surface. I tried to help, but my arms and legs weren’t working. My lungs started burning from lack of air. It felt like they were on fire, it was as if two balls of fire had replaced my lungs, and I wanted nothing more then to extinguish them.

The mystery person pulling me up started to pull faster. As they did I felt a sharp pain on my waist, where they were holding. It felt like something was digging into my side.

Thing started getting dark and the pain in my chest was slowly easing away. As I felt my heart slow, my mind went blank.

Soon after everything came rushing back. I felt someone squeeze my nose and put there mouth on mine, forcing air in. they started to push down on my chest, and as they did I could faintly hear someone counting. They only got to number four when I woke up, coughing up water. I felt myself being pulled into the mystery persons arm. They moved the hair the was stuck to my face. I could hear them mumbling, something I couldn't quite  decipher, what they were saying, but I realized that it was a guy talking. 

I turned to look at the guy that was holding me. He had black hair that just covered his ears, and was just above his eyes. His eyes were a beautiful bright blue, and the were glossed over like he had been about to cry. I was staring up at him unable to speak, but that was ok, because he was just staring down at me too, not saying anything. 

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Jason.” he said. I didn’t say anything else. He just sat there in silence for what seemed like forever. The whole time we were just looking at each other, and every once in a while our eyes would meet and it was like fire works went off. 

Our eyes met again this time longer. Jason just looked at me and then started to lean in. He was going to kiss me, and I was has going to let. Our lips were about touch, when…….

Beep, beep, beep.

I sat up and turned off my alarm clock, and that when I felt it. My hair was soaking wet again. That’s two night’s that I have had that dream, and that’s two nights that I have woken up with soaking wet hair. What I hell was happing to me?


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