The alpha's maid

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I woke up and stretched, uncurling from my little ball. Yawning, I checked the clock- 7am. Oh crap! I overslept! I hurried out of my small bed and splashed my face with water, then changed into my uniform. It was a typical maid outfit; black dress down to my knees, white frilly apron and black slip ons. Is this the 1960's? Nope. Its 2012 but I wear an old fashioned outfit, prior my mat-masters desicion. I twisted my hair into a bun and then rushed down the dark, musty twisty steps into the plush castle. I live in the old tower attatched to the grand castle that the alpha, luna and their children live in.

Let me do some introductions.

My name is Izabella Lark, or Izzy as the other maids, children and Luna call me. I am 23 years old, and I have jet black hair down to my shoulders, dark brown eyes and pale skin.

My master-alpha- is named Tyler, and he is also my mate. He never rejected me and so when he mated Elissya, my luna and sister, I was stuck in the middle. For some reason, Im still mates with him and neither of us can actually do anything about it. So most nights, I am in agony. It helps for me to be around the children when it happens.

The children are so sweet. The youngest are twins Matty and Ellie, aged 9, and then there is Danny who's 13 and Lucy who's 14. Luce and Danny are the only people other than Tyler, obviously, who knows what happens. When Elissya is too busy for them, they all come and help me cook, sometimes clean, or if its my time off, we go and explore the woods; I even take them to and from school, to their friends houses, the park; wherever they need to go, I normally take them there. I'm their nanny, but to be honest, they act as if I'm their mother. i dont think they have ever bonded with Lyss properly; they call me Izzy becauseI tell them not to call me mum anymore. Once, when he was 9, Danny, Elissya tyler and I were in the kitchen and he said to Elissya, you arent my mummy Izzy is. It broke her heart and Lyss nearly fired me, even though I am her sister. Tyler was in on that decision, to not fire me.

The only other maid here is Melanie. She does the ironing and washing and my duties when I am away- not very often!

I walked into the kitchen and took out syrup, cream, milk, bacon and the butter from the fridge, then also took out my pancake mix, tea bags and seven cups. I quickly made the pancakes, then poured on some syrup, cream and topped it with kiwis, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I poured two cups of tea for Lyss and Tyler, and four cups of orange juice for the kids and a glass of apple juice for myself.

Just then, I heard the pitter-patter of feet running into the kitchen. I turned to see Danny, Lucy, Matty and Ellie. I opened my arms wide and they all hugged me; they then sat down at the table and I put their drinks and food infront of them.

All of a sudden, a heart wrenching pain over took my body. I saw a worried expression take over Danny and Lucy's face, and Danny hurried me out of the room and up to his bedroom. He helped me to sit down on his bed, and I let out a whimper as the pain turned sharp and vile....

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