Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Oh god, oh god, oh god. What the hell am I meant to do? I paced around the hallway as my hands ruffled my hair aggressively. Images of Dylan being dragged on the floor filled my head, and his imaginary screams filled my ears. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to block everything out. This situation reminded me of a film I’d once watched with dad. It was about a girl who’d been kidnapped, and the boy who was deeply in love with her had swooped in to the rescue and saved the day as they both lived happily ever after. This was not like that film. I didn’t have that sort of courage to just go waltzing into a potentially but probably extremely dangerous place with a bunch of mindless Trackers. And I certainly didn’t have a huge store cupboard of bazookas and samurai swords just casually lying around. There was no hope.


I’d woken up with a searing headache as well as several little splinters and metal shards in my fingers. The wood was probably from the floor in my house, I winced as I remembered that. What about the metal flakes stuck in my fingers? There was also a thin coating of blood under my fingernails. I had no idea how they had got there.

Looking around the cold, metal cell I was now held in, I saw a light blood trail stretching from the door to where I was. My head was still a little bloody, but I could manage to stand with support from the walls. Easing myself up, I began to inspect the four walls. To be honest, there wasn’t exactly much to inspect. Four metal walls closed me in, with only a sliver of light reaching me from under the door. There was a foul smell in the air, and as I much as I didn’t want to say, it reminded me of rotting flesh. I slipped back down the wall, and sat with my thoughts.

I knew where I was, that was a good thing. I also knew my parents could be here. I smiled at that. 3 years and I might finally be able to see them again. Then I thought back to Eliza. I was annoyed at myself for not telling her the truth, but at least she’d have no reason to come here, no reason to be in harm’s way. Perhaps she’d make up with her mum, and they could be more a family. I hoped that would happen; she deserved it.  


I wracked my brain for any small details of where he might be. The last thunder site could be a good place to try, I thought. I was unsure though. There were several sites, why would it necessarily be the last one? I was so confused. This wasn’t even any of my business! How did I manage to get into this kind of situation?  It’s not like this sort of thing frequently happened in a place as boring as this.  I slumped to the ground then, as the answer I was looking for sparked into my head. The housing estate.  Pushing myself back up again, I kicked the door down and bolted in the right direction.

It was a quiet journey. Except for my feet hitting the concrete below me and my small breaths, it was weirdly silent; especially as I reached the housing estate. There was still no-one here, which only agreed with my suspicions that this was the right place. I stood in front of it as I had not too many nights ago as my breath caught up with me. Where do I go? Can I just walk through the front door? Why not? I shrugged, trying to reassure myself that this was nothing to worry about. My stomach had other ideas though, as it began flipping all over the place.  I took a deep breath, and marched towards the doors.

I’d been wandering around for longer than I had first anticipated and this place was beginning to scare me. Echoes followed me down every passageway and strangers’ silhouettes poked out from behind corners here and there. I was letting my imagination get the better of me.  I still had no idea where I needed to go, which only frightened me more. Was it really that difficult to just have signs everywhere telling me where the evil maniac’s hideout was? That wasn’t so much to ask.

I strayed up and down flights of stairs and through corridors I was sure I’d already been through. It was eerily quiet still. The place was completely empty, there was nothing here; nothing at all! It was very dark despite it being late afternoon outside. Then, a light hum and a piercing glow beamed so brightly, I had to squint my eyes so I didn’t blind myself.  Shielding the unknown light source, I edged closer to it. My heart began pounding and my breaths quickened as I expected the worst.

A lift. Really? I was getting worried about a lift. I slapped my hand to my side and laughed at how stupid I was. Shaking my head, I slumped into the lift and pressed a button at random. Seriously, what was wrong with me? I spoke to myself. I folded my arms, still chuckling at myself as I waited for the doors to close. I looked to see what floor I’d decided on for myself, but the numbers had rubbed off. I thought no was here…how could the numbers have rubbed off? My gaze fell to the floor as I saw footprints covered in blood. My footprints. I bent my leg round to see blood trickling down from my shoes. Twisting around, I looked into what should’ve been a mirror behind me. It was completely destroyed, with cracks running all the way through it. What terrified me more, was writing splashed on the metallic surface in a deep, red colour. The colour of blood. ‘Eliza Harwood. This is the day you die’. I hyperventilated. What the… before I could finish, the lift suddenly plunged to the unknown depths below.


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