We all walked out of the room .

Niall and I holding hands , loving and sweet.

I might just be falling for two guys! I'm a whore .  That's why I drink Whore-chata. haha , i remeber that. The same day I spilled my problems to Harry. Ugh , why is this so complicated?!

"So , you wanna stay or go home?" Zayn asked , an arm around Tamara's waist.

Ooh , get it , gurlll!!!! JK , hahaha , anyways. I wanted to go but I needed to use the restroom . Just to fix up a little , I guess.

"Home but i need to go to the restroom to fix up a little. " I confessed , wondering where the  restroom was .

"Where is that god damn restroom!" I whispered to meself , trying to find the restroom.

oh , there it is .

I walked into the restroom , it had like 5 stalls , in a house!

ugh, rich whore.

"Probably only reason Harry picked her ." I said , fixing my makeup .

I had lipstick smeared over my face! damn , didn't notice.

I heard the door opened again . It was a Girl/Boy restroom so I wasn't suprised if it's a perv.

I put my makeup and stuff back into me bag and turned around.

Harry was standing right behind me, i bumped into him. He locked the restroom door.

"Harry , what are you doing?" I asked , looking into Harry's eyes.

"What I should  have done the other day." Harry replied , kissing my lips.

"STOP , HARRY! " I shouted at him.

"Why? i thought you liked me." He said .

"NO! I'm with Niall. " I lied , well I wasn't really.

"What?! That little fucker. I'll kill his little Irish ass." Harry mumbled to himself.

" What the hell!?!? just because I love him." I confessed , it slipped out.

" What." Harry looked me in the yes , deeply.

"Harry , im sorry." I said , unlocking the restroom and walking out , leaving Harry all alone.

Tear formed in me eyes , soon those tears came down me face.

" What's wrong , love?" Niall asked , looking worried.

" Tell you later. Let's just go , please." I said , just wanting to get out of this hell house.

" Okay , babe." Niall said , holding me hand.

What did I just do?!?! Did I do something good or just make it worse?

I opened the car door and got in. Niall drove us away. There was nothing around this area . It was just plains and more plains. like farmlands. Why would they build a mansion in the middle of nowhere?!

"Pull over , please." I said , looking out the tinted window.

"okay ." Niall said , pulling the car off the tiny road.

"What's up?" Niall asked , I looked at him in the eyes even though it was dark.

"niall , I screwed things up , babe." I confessed , putting my hands over me face.

"How , love?" Niall asked , pulling my hands down into his.

"I was in the restroom and Harry came in and kissed me but i pulled away and said I loved you and was dating you. He said he's gonna beat your ass and I said , ' Because I love him?" I explained.

"Haz , Haz , Haz . He won't do anything to me and then I guess we'll just have to date , babe." Niall said , winking.

"Sounds good to me!" I said , excited for making Harry jealous.

I pecked Niall on the lips and he drove off again.

This shall be fun. Very , Very fun.

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