Way out

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Jamie's pov

God my head fucking hurts just listening to you speak, I think, annoyed, to myself as I listened to the blonde that had somehow managed to corner me again for the third time today.

Tori Stevens wasn't a bad person, it was more like she just didn't know when to leave things the hell alone. And today she did not seem to be able to take the hint that I wouldn't do some interview for the school paper no matter how hard she tried.

I bit the inside of my lip to keep from lashing out at her as she continued to yap on about it. "I mean I'm sure you're super busy with you own things, I mean of course, but I just wanted to tell you again how much it would mean to the school paper if you would do this"

I kept nodding my head, only half listening to her high pitched plight. it was as though her mouth kept moving but her voice was so high it could only be regestered by dog ears. Her overly bubbly attitude would have easily made her very popular, if only her enthusiasm over every little detail in life weren't so overwhelming.

"So will you do it?" I snapped back from my daze as her she waved a hand in front of my face. I shook my head to clear my mind and focussed my attention back on her. She looked at me hopeful. I smiled my classic fake smile and started to walk off. "I'll get back to you on that Tor"

I could feel her eyes bearing into my back as I walked away down the hallway. I sigh as i hear her disgruntled groan and slam of her heel against the monolium floor as I continued on my way. I know it was probably rude of me but I really couldn't bring myself to care. I had been nice to her the first two times she had cornered me earlier this morning. my patience had run out for Tori Stevens today.

Opening my locker I checked myself in the blue lined mirror that hung on the door. My shorter brown hair framed my face perfectly today, and not a single part of my make up was out of place. People always ask my why I wear make up or why I choose to cut my hair short when I already looked so beautiful, as they put it not me. But it was the one thing I could actually control in my life.

My look was my own and even my popular status within this pathetic little high school wouldn't take that away from me. None of these other queen bee types could ever even hope to pull off a look like my mine. And it was that placed me seperate from the rest, above them. They would rather conform to the expected cliche of what everyone wanted them to be instead of daring to be even the slightest bit different.

I felt two arms slide around my waist possessively from behind. I met the dark brown eyes of my boyfriend Nate in my mirror. I rolled my eyes as the cocky smile that was ever present on his face.

"Hey baby you want to get out of here?" he said and pulled me back against him. I pushed him back a bit wanting space. "Sorry I've got a test next period, no way of getting out of it babe" I pretended to feel really sad about it for his sake. I groaned as his hold on me became tighter. "Jamie, no need to worry baby. Ive got your way out right here" he lifted a small baggie of weed in front of my face.

Knowing full well that he wasn't going ti let me out of this plus my bodies own craving for a good bowl, I grab the baggie from his hand. Softly I say to myself as he begins to pull me along, "Fuck it."

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