Deceived by a Dream

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I woke up in the middle of the night, from an amazing dream where you got to meet the famous One Direction members. But then I was upset cuz sadly the dream would stay a dream. I tried for hours to fall back asleep with no luck. Since I would no longer be sleeping I got my laptop and went on twitter. So many new rumors about the boys that drive me crazy! I tweeted the boys but as usual no response. After that I checked my email. I opened an email from a contest I entered and with my luck I won!! Me and. Three people would get to go to a One Direction concert! V.I.P. passes included! Even though it was 4am I called my three bestfriends Lauren, Emily, and Jillian! They all picked up and were angry that it was so early but after I told them the news they were wide awake! A week later we were on a privet jet and off to New York! When we arrived at our hotel there were so many screaming teenage girls out front. As we went inside we later discovered that the boys were staying in the same hotel! Actually we were even on the same floor! Later that night at the concert we were front row baby!! After the concert we got to hangout with the boy!! We pulled pranks with Louis! Danced with Liam! Cuddled with Niall! Listened to music with Zayn! And told jokes with Harry! It was te best night of my life! But eventually it had to come to an end. The next morning I woke up with my laptop on my lap, and the website was my email. My whole night was a dream apperently I fell back asleep after all. And my best night is now just an empty memory.

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