Chapter Twenty-Five: Listen to my voice and we'll always find each other.

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Chapter Twenty-Five: Listen to my voice and we'll always find each other.

Monday morning.

AS George was getting changed after training he couldn't help but have this gut feeling that something bad was about to happen.

Usually, he would shake his head and try to forget about it but this time was different because David's words confirmed that something bad was happening.

David couldn't keep in any longer. He had to tell George, but couldn't find the right time during training. So, he just hoped that when training finished Lydia would be alright.

Tapping George's shoulder, David took a deep breath, "Lydia's in trouble mate."


Lydia didn't know what was going on until she heard someone shout George's name. Pushing herself up off the ground Lydia tried to forget about the pain in her head and went to help George.

Making her way through the crowd, Lydia started seeing black dots but focused on the task at hand. Getting to George.

Then she saw him. Right in the middle of the circle was the love of her life holding the mystery guy by his throat.

"Don't you ever try to hit her again," George seethed, his hand tightening around the guy's neck.

All he could see was red. Ever since David told him where Lydia was, he was running. He didn't want to believe what David said was true, though his gut told him it was.

But then he saw Lydia trying to push herself off the ground while River's fist was about to come in contact with her face.

"George." Lydia tugged on the back of his shirt, trying to get his attention before the purple-faced guy died because of him.

"George! Let him go," Lydia shouted and the mystery guy was dropped to the floor while George was still breathing hard.

Though once George turned around to face Lydia, he saw her blue eyes roll back into her head. Catching her limp body before she fell to the ground.


Eats popcorn.



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