Christmas Holidays

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It's the start of the Christmas holidays and I can't wait to get home and get food, as I get on the bus to go home, my thoughts bat to Will, I haven't seemed to stop thinking about since what happened last time, I think I'm starting to like him a bit but I'm not sure. I really want to start talking to him again but I don't know if he'll want to talk to me again after I ignored him for ages.

After I get food, I fire up Facebook to see how he's doing, nothing new is with him but I brace myself what I'm about to do.

E- hi x

Not 30 seconds later I get a reply.

S- Heeyyy! x

E- You okay? x

S- Yeah, I'm fine, you? x

E- I'm good thanks x

S- Awesome! x

Lavender came round and we all talked for a bit, got his phone number and talked to him for about 45 minutes, I learned a lot of new things about him, he's 15 and in year 11, he plays guitar and sounds awesome, he's into a lot of what sounds like rock music, He lives in a place called Gorton which I've apparently been before and he has two dogs, Snoopy and Toby.

As I talk with him more on Lavender's Blackberry, I realise that I really like him, I talk with Lavender's brothers friend Graham who says that Will told him that he really fancied me and I started to blush, I never thought that anyone would like me ever again.

Lavender shows me the band that Will likes, they're called Black Veil Brides, they have a look like KISS at little bit and she tell me she thinks the lead singer Andy is quite fit but I don't really like him.

I go back home and talk to Will a bit more.

E- Hello x

S- Heeyyy x

E- Lavender says that we can't get together because me and her are married on facebook x

S- Awww, that's a shame x

E- I like going against her wishes x

S- Haha! x

E- :)x

S- Want to really annoy her? x

E- Go on... x

S- Should we actually get together? x

E- I'd Love to x

 I felt so happy and start to shake, I text Lavender to tell her the good news and she cried in the corner of the room, I don't think she took the news well...

As I got into bed that night, I had the biggest smile on my face. I just wanted to see him again.

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