The Mindless Journey (Rated R)

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An introduction for the characters

-Wassup errbody Its Me KhLiahh Mercedes Harris Liahh For Short . I Am 14 Years Fina Be 15 On November 22 . I Love Playing Basketball That's My Favorite Sport x Everybody Knows I'm A Tomboy But Someones Ill Wear Heels But Not Often. I'm the fighter Of the group mainly cuz I'm not afraid to get scratched up. Umm my favorite color is blue ilove to dance that's my passion. I'm Black Indian x White. IHave Short Hair It Goes To My Shoulders It Was Longer But It Was Irritating Me. I'm 5'4 , My Hair Is Light Brown With Dark Brown Highlights Ummm That's About Itt Ohh Yeax I love Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior He Is So Sexy. Ooh x I Have A Twin.

-Hey You Guys I'm Aliahh Lexus Harris Ally For Short . I'm 14 Years Young Turning 15 November 22 .i Love to shop x hang with friends I'm The Caring One Of The Group. I am so girly like it takes about one hour for me to get ready no matter where I'm going. IHate sports But ilove to dance, draw x sing . My Favorite Colors Are Pink x Purple Those Are Really Pretty Colors. I am Black , Indian x White I Have Long Hair It Goes To My Middle Back I Love My Hair So Much Its Not Even Funny.I'm 5'4 My Hair Is Dark Brown With Light Brown Highlights , I Have A Twin Shes The Complete Opposite But Yeaa Ohh x iLovee Ray Ray From Mindless Behavior That Tounge LAWDD

-Hellerr Is This Thing On? Hey Wassup Yall Its Ya Girl Cashmiaa Sapphire Jones Cashh Or Miaa For Short. I'm 14 Fina Be 15 August 29th Uhh Im Black x Indian But The Indian Only Shows In My Hair. It Is Naturally Curly x Crinkley Many Think Its Weave Nope Its 100% Real.I'm The Hard Headed Dare Devil Of The Group. If You Tell Me Not To Do It I'm Still Gonna Do It Whether Ya Like It Or Not. Ummmm My Favorite Color Is Yellow x iLove Skateboard x Hit Backflips Im About 5'5 iAlso Love To Get Dolled Up For Special Reasons. My Dad Died When I Was Six But Luckily I Got A Cool Step Dad. Uhhhh iLove Princeton From Mindless Behavior Hes Just Gorgeous.

- Wazzzupppp its The One x Lovely Li'Yonna Ann Mariee Justicee Stewart Long Name Right That's Cuz I'm Unique But Errbody Call Me Yonna Short. I'm 14 Bout To Be 15 February 8th TeamAQUARIUS . I Love Boys They Are My Life Well After Friends Family x School Duhh. Im Black With a Little Bit Of White x Indian Not Much Though.Alot Of People Think Just Because I'm Black I Got Weave Psshh NEVER iHave Jet Black Kinda Silky Hair People LOVE To Touch My Hair Thats SOOOOO Irritating. I Love To Dance x Sing One Time Cash Dared Me To Do The Whole MB Chreo to GTB In Walmart I Did It x Made 1,000 Dollars. My Favorite Color Is Orange That Color Is Valid Like Salad. Uhhh Im 5'5 I Kinda Like Basketball Its The Only Sport I'm Good At. Uhhhh What Else Ohh Im In Love With Prodigy From Mindless Behavior He Is So Sweet.

Background- Girls Have Been Besties For A Long Time They Live In Atlanta KhLiahh x Aliahhss Dad Is Famous Dj, DjSpinKing . They Are Spoiled x So Are Their Friends They All Live In The Same Nieghborhood Freeman Street. They Know Some Celebs Like Jawan Harris Which Is Their Cousin x They Know JB x Jacob Latimore They've Only Met MB Once At A MxG Thats It But They Are On A Mission To Meet Them Foreal Foreal( =

Well Theres A Introduction To The Characters


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