It was seven o'clock when the Kate Campbell Show started, and the studio audience was roaring with excitement. The interviewer, Kate, never told who was going to be on the show that week, and everytime, it had the audience oozing with excitement. Sure, no one every performed on the show, but they still found it nice to learn about what their favorite celebrities were up to in their lives. They never had to worry about it being some rubbish guest, because Kate only interviewed the most elite of the stars- ranging from people like Justin Bieber, to One Direction. She never failed to bring the most quality interviews to her fans- it was her main priority in life.

Mia Lorenzo was currently yelling at her make up crew to help her get ready. She silently cursed her driver for being late, and made a mental note to fire him after this stupid interview was over. She yelped as one of her stylists, whose name did not matter to Mia, accidently poked her eye with the white eyeliner pencil. The girl, frightened by Mia's outburst, quickly apologized, and continued to apply the coloring- moving the pencil oh so delicately.

"Would you hurry up?!" Mia barked, her shrill British accent showing nothing but hate and boredom. "And why is my hair NOT being curled?"

Another stylist, a perky ginger woman, grabbed the curling iron, and tried to do her magic- however, Mia's straight, brown locks weren't having it. The stylist finally gave up, and instead did Mia's hair in a long, fishbone braid. Mia winced at her reflection. Bronzer had been applied to her cheeks to give her the glow that she already had, white eyeliner ran a thin line along her waterline to give the illusion that her eyes were bigger, and her lips were swimming in red. Blue eyeshadow covered her lids, as did winged liquid eyeliner. Mia silently acknowledged the fact that blue eyeshadow would look horendous on anyone else.

But she was Mia Lorenzo- she could pull off anything.

"Where's the-" Mia was cut off by the ginger woman pinning a fake, red and gold flower in her hair. A short, shimmery gold dress was thrown into her arms, and she changed quickly- not caring if her stylists were watching, since they were all female anyways. Her outfit was finished with a tall pair of red high heels- that most people would break their ankle in.

Mia shot out of her pink chair, rushing towards the entrance to the studio, while all of her stylists assured her that she looked perfect. It was something that Mia was always sure of, though. She was gorgeous, no questions asked.

She stood by the entrance, hidden from the stage, the cameras, and the studio audience, waiting for her cue.

"And now," Kate said, in the voice she used strictly to build up suspense, "I have finally booked one of the most famous artists known to teenagers. Everyone, please put your hands together for teen popstar, Mia Angelie Lorenzo!"

Mia tried not to wince as the screams reached her ears. Yes, she was used to it, but it just got so annoying sometimes. She plastered on a fake smile, and strutted onto the stage, making everyone scream even louder. Mia waved to the audience, which consisted of mostly teenage boys and girls. Boys were gaping over her, and the girls were screaming to their idol. If they only knew how she really was, she wouldn't be such an inspiration.

She took a seat on the purple colored couch after hugging the blond interviewer. She crossed her legs, and smiled politely to the cameras- it was true, Mia did have a thing for cameras. And her face, but that was just off-topic.

Kate smiled at her guest, "Mia Lorenzo, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. And might I say, that outfit is quite fabulous."

"Thank you, Kate," Mia said, and glanced at Kate's outfit- a brown and white sundress with brown sandles to match. She didn't look as good as Mia, but there was no way she could say that on live television. "You look quite stunning yourself."

"I try," a grinning Kate said, happy to have a compliment from someone like Mia. "So, what can you tell us about your upcoming album?"

Mia fidgeted with her well-manicured fingers, "Well, it's certainly going to be an improvement from the last one, in my opinion at least. I'm hoping to get a collaboration somewhere in there. Um...I haven't really come up with a name for it yet, but we have been recording. I might even been playing the guitar somewhere in there? I haven't really decided yet."

"Intriguing," Kate said, once the audience's roars had quieted down. "Now, you're more likely than not the most famous girl popstar in the world, and have been since 2009. I know a lot of other people have been wondering this, too- what do you think of the highly famous, One Direction?"

Mia found that her cheeks began to cramp up- it was becoming hard to fake smile. Her nails dug into her palms. Just hearing that vile name made Mia want to go insane. She was here way before them, and now they just show up and take her spotlight? Mia hated it. The rule was, first come first serve. So why were people fangirling so much over them? They should have been giving the attention to Mia! She was hotter than all of them combined, and she sang like an angel.

"I think they're...great..." Mia muttered through gritted teeth.

She wasn't fooling anyone.

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