Out of This World

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We got the total scores for the rest of the competition and I ended up getting first in my devision. Laura did not look happy. She stomped over to me and started yelling at me.

Laura: How dare you beat me in a gymnastic competition?!?!?!? No one beats me!!

Consuela: Yeah one beats Laura!!

Laura: Who do you think you are coming up in here and trying to take my title?

Starr: I am really not trying to take -

Laura: Shut up! I swear if I ever see you again you will regret it!!

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bela and he did not look happy. He came and walked up to us while Laura was still yelling at me for beating her.

Bela: Hello Miss Barile, Miss Eccleston.

Laura: Hello Bela sir. Did you like mypreformance today?

Bela: It was rather, bland. But Miss Berile's preformace was rather extraordinary, even though her leotard was a little bland.

Laura: WHAT?!? Did you just say hers was better than mine?

Bela: Yes, I did. Now Miss Barile come with me so we can talk about your future in gymnastics.

I talked to Bela for a while and he seemed really nice. He said he would train me and that I could maybe even go to the olympics. He said i would have to stay in the gymnastics training enter so that he could keep a close eye on what I am doing, for training purposes. 

Starr: Excuse me, is Robet in his office.

Front Desk Guy: Yes, do you have an appointment.

Starr: No, but I don't need one.

Fron Desk Guy: Ma'm please don't go back there

Robert: Starr! How are you!! Oh Tony, this is my daughter Starr.

He really wasn't my dad, but he was like my dad. He kept me in check a lot. He always called me his daughter though.

Starr: ROBERT!!! Did yu see me in the gymnastics thing today?

Robert: Yes I saw your name on the roster and I came and saw your routine you did on those two bars. It was very good.

Starr: Well I bet the girl who was the top in state i her best event.

Robert: I am so proud of you honey!!

Starr: Also this guy Bela Karolyi, he wants to train me. He says I have the potential to make it to the olympics.

Robert: I have heard of him! He had trained many olympians. yes you an go.

Starr: YAY!!

I ran up to my room and started packing. Bela said we could leave in the morning for the training center. I was so excited. I never really thought about hat my career would be, I always thought I would just stay here. 

The next day came and I was overjoyed with excitement. I was jumping up and down and literally like screaming. I was going to be in the olympics.... maybe. Bela came aknocked on my door and told me it was time to go. He said we would be traveling on an Amtrack train, he said he reserved an entire car just for us. And let me just tell you, this car was Out Of This World expensive, but it was hooked up to the other cars. So it looked normal, but it wasn't. I was happy I got to train with Bela, he seemed like a nice guy.

I hopped into my seat and the conductor said they were leaving the station. I looked out the window and saw Robret waving to me. I waved back, a small tear formed in my eye, but I held it back. I didn't want to cry, because I knew I would see him again someday.

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