Chapter 7

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Today we have another rehearsal before tomorrow night's concert. It isn't going to be as long as yesterday's, we are going to just run through the concert and then come back and they will keep us in our hotel room.

     When I got up I went out to the kitchen and got food, then I went back into the room and sat next to Sarah on the bed eating. I didn't know she was awake untill she hit me in the back.

     "What was that for?" I said

     "Nothing" she said stretching.

      I hit her back, very gently in the leg.

      "Ow! What was that for!?" she said.

       " Nothing" I said in a girly voice.

     She laughed and hit me with a pillow. I turned around and grabbed her wrist while she was trying to get to me. It just so convenient happened that Zayn walked in just then.

     "Um, sorry to interrupt-" Zayn began slowly. I quickly let Sarah go.

     " You weren't interrupting!" I said. Sarah jumped on my back and locked her arms around my neck.

     " Okay, whatever, Simon wants us all to be ready to leave at noon, so hurry up" Zayn said and left the room.

     I grabbed Sarah and swung her around so she was under me and then I laid ontop of her.

     " Naill, honey, your crushing me!" she said

     I got off her and apologized. "Come on, we have to get ready. We r just going to run through exactly what we will do tomorrow night and then come back and we will be kept in the hotel room. " I said

      "why?" she asked

     " Cause of the concert. They don't want us getting hurt or lost or attacked by fans, haha" I said.

     " okay that's fine... We will have fun today!" she said and got out of bed and went through her suit case. She went to the bathroom to change and I just changed in the bed room.

     She came out in a tied back T-Shirt and short jeans and when didn't have a shirt on. She ran up to me and hugged me. When she let go I slipped a shirt on and then we walked out. The boys were all waiting for us. Louis turned away from us when we walked out which I thought was weird. I hopped Sarah didn't see and if she did I hope she wasnt offended.

     We all walked out and got in the bus with the body guards. Louis went to the back of the bus while we all sat down.

      "What's wrong with Lou?" I asked out loud.

      "He misses Eleanor" Liam said

     " awww!" Sarah said. And she got up and ran to the back of the bus. I tried to stop her but I wasn't sure what she was going to do...


I sat in the back of the bus on the floor where no one could see me and I couldn't see any of them. I just got off the phone with her to tell her how much I missed her.

     All of a sudden Sarah came running in and hugged me. I sat there for a minute before hugging her back.

     "I know you miss her! I'm so sorry!" she said in my ear. I kept hugging her as if she as Eleanor. I just wanted somebody to hold for a while. We sat there untill the bus stopped. She pulled away before I was ready to let go.

     "You'll see her soon!" she said looking at be with a smile.

     "Okay," I said wiping away some tears that had fallen. We walked out to the boys and then we all walked into the concert building.

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