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Dimitri point of view

When I got into the room my heart broke. Laying on the bed was my Roza with an Iv needle and oxygen on. I sat down next to her and took her hand.

" We are gonna get through this together " I said as I placed a kiss on her forehead.

Lissa came in after I got her to come in. I let them be and went to check on the kids. So I dialed my sister Karolina's number. She picked up on the second ring.

" Belikov " she said.

After I told her it was me , I asked her about the children and she told me that they where okay that mama was here as well. She also asked me how was Roza, I told her she was fine and that soon they was going to let her out. I told Karolina that I was going to talk to her back be because Roza's doctor wanted to talk to me.

" Mr.Belikov I just got back from your wife's room, everything looks fine you could take her home. Let her take it easy don't worry her with stuff " she told me.

I went to Roza's room and saw that she was already dressed with the help of Lissa. I got a wheelchair for her so we could leave. I didn't want to make her walk. I knew she wanted to complain but she knew better not to. I dragged her to our car as Lissa said her goodbyes cause she had her car with her guardians waiting for her.

It only took us three hours to get to court . As we got closer to the gate a guardian looked at us and told us say our names .

" Guardian Belikov and Guardian Hathaway-Belikov" I said.

He nodded with wide eyes, he most be new cause everyone who works in the front gate knows us.

" Comrade I want to see my kids " she said to me.

I nodded in agreement , I also wanted to see my kids. I drove to the Guardian building where Karolina and mama were staying. I helped Roza out the car and to the door.

I knocked on the door twice and was answered by Gina. She smiled at us as she saw us.

" mommy, daddy" she said as she gave us both a hug.

I could see Roza smiling as she took the hug from Gina . I hugged my little princess as I carried her into the living room.

" grandma , auntie look who is here" said Gina.

Everyone turned around from the tv and looked at us. Joseph and Kim ran to us and gave us a hug. They hugged Roza first then me. I gave them three a bear hug that they loved. I looked over to Roza as she pulled my mom aside to talk. I wondered what it was about.

Roza point of view

After I got out of the hospital Comrade took me to my sister in law Karolina's place in court. I was really happy to see my kids but I know that I'm going to have to send them away. If this pregnancy is going to be like the one that I had with them, it's better if their away.

I pulled Olena into the kitchen so I could talk to her. She looked at me then rubbed my belly.

" Olena can I ask you a big favor?" I asked her.

She looked at me serious " anything " she said.

I took a seat on the chair as she did " Olena I need you to keep the kids away , I know it harsh but I need them away .If this pregnancy is like theres its going to get ugly " I said to her.

She took my hand " I want to be here to help you, maybe we could send them to Saint . Valdimir,the school that you went to and that way one of my girls could be there with them" she said.

That idea didn't sound so bad. After all they where soon going start school so why not send them now.

" but who is going to be with them at the academy , I only trust you guys and the head guardian there" I said to her.

" I'll talk with my girls and see who will take the responsibility" she said to me.

I only nodded and we talked about what the doctor said. I told how my pregnancy was if high risk and all the complications that came with preeclampsia. She even asked me if I was hungry I didn't even think twice and said yes.

After she cooked something for me which she didn't let me help her. She made me some Italian food, spaghetti with meat balls yummy!. I ate the entire thing, when I finished I said thank you to her and she only smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

" anything for you and my grandchild"she said with a warm smile.

I went to the living room where I saw Karolina and Comrade caring the kids to the room. I went into the room and kissed there cheeks and whispered to them.

" mommy loves you " I said to each of them.

Comrade took my hand and leaded me back to the living room. We sat there the four of us and talked about everything that was currently happening. We asked Karolina how her kids where , she said that they where fine. After like an hour Comrade was took me home.

When we got home he helped me take a shower and put my pj's on. Comrade even said that my dad called while I was at the hospital. He took me to the living room where Liss and fireboy were. Lissa gave me a hug as soon as Comrade placed me on my feet. He didn't even let me walk, I didn't complain, I enjoyed his over protectiveness. I sat on the sofa and looked at comrade and Lissa

" I'm going to send the kids to Saint Vladimir with one of my in laws" I said to them.

Comrade took my hand " Roza why do you want to send them now ?" he asked me.

I took my hand and placed it on his " I'm sending them away because I don't want them to witness what happen in the next few months" I said to him.

He looked at me confused and turned to Lissa.

" what is she talking about?" he asked her.

She just stood quite as I gave her a nod.

" Dimitri what she is saying is that in the last few months of her pregnancy she's get weaker get even sicker " she said to him. His eyes widen and looked at me.

" my love did this happen when you was pregnant with the triplets?" he asked me.

" yeah I died, Lissa brought me back and I ended in a coma " I said to him.

His eyes widen " Roza will you end up in a coma again with this pregnancy?" he asked me.

I lied to him and told him I wasn't sure I didn't want to hurt him more . So he actually agreed to send our children away to saint Vladimir . Tomorrow I would contact Alberta and tell her , she will be happy she loves my kids like if they where her own .

* I know I made this chapter long is because I'm going away to a camp for 5 days :] . So I hope everyone likes it :D.

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