September 3rd, 2012. 11PM

I needed this, some time for my own as my brother was teaching the girl I love how to be a vampire. I, Damon Salvatore, was walking through the woods, looking for an unlucky person on the wrong place. It made me sick to see Elena, loving Stefan. All the time we spend together, every kiss we shared, it all didn't had a meaning anymore. I thought she felt something for me, she met me first and liked me, but I let her forget it. It's my fault she had chosen Stefan, and not me. Billions of thoughts were crossing my mind, as I walked deeper and deeper into the woods, the sound of a laughing girl filled my ears. A soft grin curled upon my lips as I started to follow the noises. What was I still doing in Mystic Falls? Katherine won't come back, I know that for sure. Love does weird things with you, it controls you. My phone rang as I was close to the girl, which made her run away. I cursed and annoyed I picked it up, without looking who it was. ''Thanks for letting my snack run away...'', I said, as a sarcastic grin appeared on my lips. ''Damon..'' It was Elena's voice, it overwhelmed me everytime I listened to her. She did it again. ''What's wrong, Elena?'', I sighed. ''There is here someone who you should meet..'' ''Is it a girl?'', I asked, I heard by Elena's sigh that she already knew where this was about. ''Yes, she is..'' ''Is she family of you?'' ''Yes, she is, Damon. Are you coming or not?'' I chuckled softly as I noticed Elena lost her temper, it was fun to tease her. ''I'm coming, give me a few minutes..'', I said and hung up. Another Gilbert in town, hmm? ''This could be fun..''

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