I fluttered my eyes open as a bright light shined in my eyes.

"Nena?" I heard someone call. I turned to the direction of the voice but couldn't open my eyes. I heard beeping and someone sigh.

"Let me stay with her." I heard. I strained my ears to listen and felt and aroma of warmth pass through me. I slightly opened my eyes and saw Jesse standing right in front of me.

"Jess?" I croaked. I sighed. He came closer and gently ran his thumb over my eyelids, shutting them.

"Sleep Nena." Was the last words I heard before I was enveloped into darkness.


"What do you mean you don't know?!" I heard someone hiss. I turned my head slightly and felt throbbing go through my head. I groaned.

"Cause I wasn't with her! Back the fuck off!"


"Well if you haven't given her this day, none of this would've happened!"

What's going on? What the hell were they talking about. I turned my head slightly again and trailed my hand to my stomach, feeling the bigger bump. I sighed in content.

"I was getting some things for her and the baby." I heard Harry mumble. I winced as a sudden pain shot through my head, besides the throbbing. Why weren't they paying attention to me? Men... I started opening my eyes and almost shutting them as the brightness became unbearable. I raised a hand and saw an iv. I winced. Needles...

"Guys?" I croaked. They snapped their heads to me. Jesse glared and Harry smiled in relief.

"How you feelin' love?" I jumped and saw Niall stretched out on the couch, eating noodles.

"Great, except for this throbbing." I winced.

"Oh yeah! That. The doctor said that that'll go away in a bit." He shrugged, slurping some noodles. He looked a little off and sad.

"You found out?" I asked. He nodded.

"It was kind of an ass move anyway." He shrugged. Harry and Jesse looked at us with confused expressions.

"Elizabeth." I said. They both nodded.

"JELLY BELLY!" I turned to Louis burst through the door.

"Great, is this party in Gabrielle's hospital room today?" I grumbled. Everyone chuckled except Louis, who was tying ballons all over my bed posts. He stretched across me, trying to tie one.

"Lou-Lou! Baby bump dude!" Zayn pushed him, smiling at me.

"Yeah, definitely party in here." I mumbled. I looked at Natalia and her baby brother. I smiled at him and he climbed on the hospital bed.

"Why are you here?" He asked, his big blue green eyes questioning my golden ones.

"Well Nathan, I'm not really sure, but I'm guessing it's because someone's paranoid about my fainting." I smirked at Harry who blushed.

"Oooh! So, uncle Harry's being weird?" The five year old asked. I smiled and nodded.

"Uncle aye?" I heard Niall ask his bestfriend. I looked at Zayn and saw him blush .

"Yeah Zayn. Uncle?" I asked. Harry came over to my side and kissed the little lump over the blanket. I blushed and saw Nathan look at Harry with a questioning look.

"I'm kissing my babies." He said.


"Babe, did you just say babies?" I asked. He smiled, showing his dimples and nodded. I looked at Louis, who grabbed one of the flowers and started dancing around the room. Niall burped and smiled, running to the hallway screaming for Jesse. Zayn started to kiss Natalia, inching her out the room before pulling Louis in mid dance out the door. I looked at Nathan and he shrugged and giggled.

"You're having twins, Gabby." He smiled before crawling to my stomach and patting it.

"Hey babes. I know you guys can hear me and I just want to tell you about meself." He said. I smiled, my eyes watering and looked at Harry. Tears were running down his cheeks but he was all smiles. Someone knocked and the nurse stepped in.

"Harry, visiting hours are over." The nurse said and looked at Nathan.

"He has-"

"No," I started," Let him stay." I smiled. She nodded and walked to check my bags.

"Nurse, what did I have?" I asked. She looked at me and smiled.

"You had a prostramatic coma. It started when you fainted and was caused by the stress that's been in your head." She replied.

"How long have I been here?!"

"Three days." She said and walked out. Wow. Harry came next to me again and kissed me.

"Tell Natalia to bring me Nats stuff. I'm gonna keep him here." I smiled down at the five year old who was mumbling things to the babies. He told them something and pressed his ear against my stomach, as if waiting for an answer. Harry nodded and kissed my forehead before leaving. Nathan looked up at me and smiled.

"Am I really staying with you Gabby?" He asked, his eyes full of excitement. I smiled and nodded and heard Natalia come and set his batman bookbag down.

"Be good Nat." She warned him. He jumped off and kissed her before climbing in next to me. She waved goodbye and Nathan stood up to grab his bookbag.

"Wanna see what I got Gabby?!" He bounced. I grabbed his shoulders.

"Easy bud. Remember, the babes need to rest too." He nodded and pulled out his Batman and Joker action figures.

"Look! They came with the Batmobile and everything! Joker came with his cane and Batman had his cap." He pointed the objects out and I nodded in understanding. He turned to dig something else out and his brown hair fell in his face. I reached out and put it behind his ear. He smiled and pulled out a unicorn pillow pet.

"Here! It's for you." He smiled and layed next to me. I felt my eyes water and he patted my cheek.

"It's okay. Natalia has booboos too." I giggled at his response and he cuddled closer to me.

We called the nurse to slip on The Dark Night and we watched it in content silence before we fell asleep.

One of his hands on my stomach.



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