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Beka's P.O.V

My party went by fast, I got all i asked for. I guess having your dad be Harry Styles has some perks. But i hate when people just walk up to me and go hey look its Harry Styles Daughter. Why cant people just be like hey look its Beka Renee Styles. I love my dad but at times i just wish i had a normal dad and not a famous one.

"Bye Beka and happy birthday im sorry we have to leave so soon but me and your uncle are going on a special date tonight i love you bye." my aunt Tara said giving me a kiss on the cheek and hugging me before leaving. I had to admit she was my favorite aunt.

Uncle Zayn and Uncle Liam followed after that.

"Beka im so proud of you you are all grown up" Aunt Eleanor said giving me a huge hug with her huge stomach in between us.

She left with Uncle Louis and Kim. I think they were babysitting her tonight for Uncle Niall.

"Beka there is one more gift before you go to bed" Emerald said walking up to me and handing me a box.

I opened it to see a beautiful anklet with silver hearts all around it. But i didn't want it.

"I don't want your stupid gift Emerald" I said handing it back to her and ran up to my room. Truth is, i just don't like her. It always seems like she is trying to take my dad away from me. I just wish she would go away.

Niall's P.O.V

When we left Harry's house. Me and Tara got in our car and were off to our date. We left Kim with Eleanor because she begged wanting some practice being a mother.

The radio was on and then the announcer came on and said now time for some oldies. And i started laughing my head off when the opening to WMYB started playing.

Your insecure

don't know what for

you turning heads when you walk through the door or or.

Me and Tara belted out singing the rest of the song and afterwards started laughing.

"Niall i love you" Tara said out of the blue.

"Tara i love you to you are my one and only princess and that will never change." I said back grabbing her hand and intertwining our fingers.

"I just felt like you were starting to drift apart from me and didn't love me anymore." She said pulling her hand away from me.

I pulled over to the side of the road. The view was beautiful we were on a hill and under the hill was a beautiful forest. But nothing beat the sparkling eyes staring at me

"Now listen to me" i said grabbing her face in my hands. "I LOVE YOU, i will always love you. Everyday when i look into your beautiful eyes i think back to the day we met. You were wearing that beautiful yellow sun dress and you were walking down the street. I didn't think you noticed that you were screaming the lyrics to one of One Directions songs, because you were having so much fun that you bumped into me. When that happened i looked down at you, as you apologized to me all i was thinking is this girl is the most beautiful girl i will ever meet. I instantly fell in love with you. And when you agreed to marry me i was so happy because everyday we walk down the road hand in hand. I am proud to say that this girl, this BEAUTIFUL girl standing next to me is mine and nobody else's and she is my everything i love her and nothing will change that.  Tara you are my Princess and you are beautiful and when i say i love you i mean it, and you will always be mine and only mine, so Tara never say that you think i don't love you anymore. And if you do ever feel that way again tell me so i can comfort my princess because i don't want you to feel that way again." I kissed her and she pulled back and started crying.

"Niall that was beautiful I love you sooo much" she said hugging me tight.

Then Tara started to glow...........................................No wait it wasn't her...............

They were head lights.

"HOLD ON" i screamed as the car was struck by another car.

We were screaming as we started rolling down the hill.

When we stopped i felt liquid running down my head. I looked around the inside of the car and didn't see Tara. I got out very wobbly and walked around  to see Tara laying there covered in blood. I ran over to her as fast as i could, i think my leg was broken. "TARA PLEASE BE OK" i said crying.

"I-I-Im f-fine Ni" she said, i could tell she was in a lot of pain she was breathing very hard.


"Niall i love you, take care of Kimberly" She managed to get out.


"Please promise me that you will take care of her" She spoke up

"I will take care of her........but with you right next to my side"

"Tell the boys and the girls that i love them" she said starting to cry


I could see the color draining in her face and the sparkle in her eyes start to dim.

"N-Niall i don't think im going to make it" She said grabbing my hand.

"Tara look at me you will get through this. And we can go and buy one of the rose bushes that you always wanted, and get a house in the country. We will watch Kimberly grow up with all her little brother and sisters. She will grow up to be a beautiful woman like her you. And she will marry a very nice man who will always take good care of her. We will grow old, but without wrinkles because we will use wrinkly cream." i said as we laughed a bit. "You are going to be with me until the end Tara." I said kissing her forehead.

"You p-promise" she said getting quieter.

"I promise with all my heart." i said

"Niall w-will you at least s-sing me our s-song p-please."  she said.

"Anything for you Tara" i said as the tears fell from my face.

"  shut the doorrrrr

turn the light off

i wanna be with you

i wanna feel your love

i wanna lay beside you

i cannot hide this

even tho i try.

Heart beats harder

time escapes me

trembling hand touch skin

it makes it harderrrrrrr

and the tears stream down my face"

I finished the song and Tara started to speak.

"Did i e-ever tell you that you have a beautiful voice." she said as she took her last breath.

"TARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" I yelled pulling her close to me as i blacked out.


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