girl drama,EX-Boyfriends and... Ben and Jerry's??? (Not completed!)

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As I walked into the room I knew something was different. Apart from the fact they all started staring but the fact they were sniggering. Ria was the first to say something.

"Uh, what is she doing here, Lily?"

"I invited Lia. You know that "Lily retorted. Lily and Ria were sisters but they were nothing alike. Example. Lily is my best friend. Ria isn't. Lily is ALWAYS kind to me. Ria isn't. I'll give you 3 reasons why Ria is never kind to me, Lia Ranch.

1. My name rhymes with her name.

2. I am friends with her twin sister.

3. I showed her up in front of the whole of yr 7. (2 yrs ago)

So now we're in Yr 9 and she still holds the grudge. Poor her. Not.


"She can’t help it that she showed you up 2 yrs ago, Ria! Get over it for god’s sake!" I shouted at my twin.

"She could have helped it .By not coming to the actual school!"My twin replied

"Get over yourself Ria your just jealous cos SHE'S really pretty!"

 Now that had done it. Ria ran up to her room and 2 minutes later I heard her whining to one of her friends on the phone. But what I said was true Lia was really pretty. She had mix race skin and black hair with no spots at all. She had sparkly brown eyes a normal nose and a small mouth with an oval face, now this may sound sweet but Lia is the opposite .I mean, she is nice but you don’t want to get on the wrong side of her. She does Karate and Kickboxing. That's another thing, she's super talented she can sing really well and dance AND do the splits she is super flexible AND wait for it ... she' s really smart as well. But there's one thing she doesn’t like about herself.... she's the smallest girl in our class; she's only 4 and a 1/2 foot tall but that doesn’t stop her and it never will.


"I can't believe you're best friends with my worst enemy." I go into my twin's room

"You know, there's such thing as I dunno KNOCKING!!!"She replies because she is VERY sensitive about having her own space.

"Why would I be jealous of her?"I ask

"Because she's super pretty and you know it AND 'cos she showed you up at the yr 7 auditions!"My sister taunts.

"Shut the hell up! I don't want to hear about your poxy little friend."I replied getting very annoyed.

"It was only 'cos she got the part to sing the solo and you came 2nd to her in the Xmas concerts!".

That was it.WW3 broke out in our house.

I launched at her and slapped so she slapped me back harder then rubbed her cheek sensitively

“Did you just slap me???”lily asked. Her eyes were watering. And I do admit I slapped her very hard and then started crying. Now I felt bad about what I did so I went over to her and hugged her which must have been very uncomfortable for her and even more for me.

“Sorry, sis.i didn’t mean to do it that hard”i said finally

“Get out of my room now, otherwise I will slap you even harder than I just did. “threatened lily. My sister was in one of those moods that even if you apologise she is rude.

“Fine, But-“I started

“I said get out of my room now!”lily shouted. So I fled for cover. Before things got even uglier.


I don’t think she’s jealous. That’s what lily says. But if she was jealous then she would have NOTHING to do with me but she still taunts me about my old boyfriends but I ignore her like lily says. I think personally that she taunts me cos I not only stole her old boyfriend (Max) But she had the part of singing solo in the Yr 7 xmas concerts she came 1st and she was going to sing it but then I turned up at the school, auditioned and got to sing the solo and she hasn’t got over it since. But it’s not like I asked her to taunt me she just did and the worst thing is she KNOWS I want her to stop but she just carries on. And you know what it just gets worse.


Yeah lia stole Ria’s old boy friend but she was gonna break up with him anyway but lia and max (Ria's old boyfriend are still going out happily-

“Lily phone! Its lia she said its ... Code red!!!”

Oh now this is bad. You see code red is very urgent meaning lia's in boy trouble...

“LILY!!! She’s started shouting at me now ... Help!”

I went to the phone snatching it of my mum as soon as I got it I heard a torrent of insults not directed at me but I think I could make out max the stupid idiotic heart breaking bastard. Oh god this is NOT GOOD see lia is very powerful-

“Can I come round please we NEED to talk?”

“Yeah sure come one over Ria's out anyway-

“Don’t get me started on her be round in 5 bye” Lia finished 

Ok lemme fast forward a bit lia caught max making out with a slut also known as ria yes my sister stole my best friend's boyfriend but “apparently” ria “forgot “ that lia was dating Max. Oh, dear better get out Ben and Jerry's!

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