Chapter 12

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Ava's POV

The bell rings and I slide into my seat. Mrs. Randy starts talking about blood cells or something, but I don't really pay attention. I think back to yesterday, when right about now, I would be burning my hand with that stupid piece of magnesium. That hand is now wrapped up in bandages.

She gives us a one-sided worksheet for homework. I look over the questions, and they don't seem that bad. I'm surprised, she's one of those teachers that would assign a ten page essay a day before the test.

The bell rings, and I get up. My bandaged hand gets caught between the chair and the desk and I squeal in pain. Most people ignore me and continue on their way out. But this one guy comes over and asks if I'm okay. When I look up, I see that he's quite cute.

He has dark brown eyes framed with long, curly eyelashes and dark brown hair that swishes to the side. On top of his head, is a bright red snapback.

I smile and nod, "Ya, I'm fine. I'm Ava."

"I know. Hi, I'm Luke." he replies.

"How do you know my name?" I ask. I pick up my bag and we head towards the door together.

"Everybody knows your name. You were Camilla's best friend," he says simply, "What class do you have next?"

"Math, you?"

"Same, with Mrs. Johnson?"

I nod and we walk to class together.

All through math class, we pass notes. He makes me laugh a lot, and we get caught but it's ok. I haven't felt this great in a long time. This boy...there's something about him.


I put off doing my homework all night. Surfing the internet is just much more appealing. It's now past midnight and I'm just getting started.

What does DNA stand for?

Easy, deoxyribonucleic acid. I'll be done in no time.

2. Where is the DNA located in the cell?


3. Do red blood cells have a nucleus?

I don't think so....nope.

4. What type of blood cells contain DNA?

Um, white blood cells I'm pretty sure....

Twenty questions later, and I'm done with science.

I finish the rest of my homework around 3 am. Finally, I climb under my covers and drift off.

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