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Requested by someone who wanted to stay Anonymous.

Christmas time and you had a plan and sitting across from you at his desk, the Blackwatch agent barely looked up from his computer as those fingers flew across the keyboard, typing up a mission report. Flipping through the file and stretching so much of your legs extending far under your desk until your shoe tapped against Jesse’s. You, too engrossed with you own things you didn’t notice how the touch made your partner tense up, hands faltering for just a moment, but picking back up at their regular speed. Jesse was glad that he got to set across from y/n; finding comfort in seeing you but it didn't keep him totally focus on his work. The thought of 'touch y/n' kept popping into his head. All morning, it would pop into his head whenever he saw you and got louder every time he got closer. For god’s sake, he was at work, a crucial job of serving and protecting the people of world and all he could think about was getting his hands on you. So when your foot touched his, the thought whispered quickly in his head before changing into a new sentence 'arouse y/n'. But then a idea took form inside his head. Jesse quietly toed off his shoe that rested against your's before bringing it up to your ankle, instantly stilling the bouncing leg. Jesse refused to look away from his computer, clacking away at the keyboard as his foot slid up and down the side of your calf in a careful graze. Jesse lifted his foot higher to just touch the inside of your knee.

You didn’t even moving away, instead pressing yourself closer to Jesse’s foot despite the fact you both were at work. Interesting Jesse thought. This time, Jesse looked away from his computer and almost let a smile break across his face as he witnessed you trying so hard not to give anything away. Hand gripping onto your coffee mug and the other most definitely gripping to your mouse. “Y/n” Jesde kept his voice low, trusting that you would hear him. You practically jumped in your seat, causing yourself to push forward a bit and Jesse’s foot slid further up your inner thigh. Jesse was always impressed by how venomous y/n's scowl was, but now with his toes grazing against a half-hard dick, it wasn’t so intimidating, “What?” you asked. “You seem distracted,” Jesse reveled in how your stare darkened as yoy took in a deep breath while Jesse foot pressed even further, stroking the length in your jeans, “It’s important that you remain focused, we have work to do.”

Before the you could even reply, Jesse retracted his leg and almost smirked at how you moved forward with him, chasing the lost pressure. You let out a deep breath through your nose, cheeks tinged pink and pupils dilated. Frustration was evident in your body language, and Jesse was living for it all. You were so easy to rile up, and a new thought popped into Jesse’s head 'tease y/n'. You felt like you were dying, literally dying. A part of you wanted to ask what the hell Jesse was doing because they were at work, but another part of you warmed up because you guys were at work, the thrill of maybe getting caught making your skin tingle. And Jesse wasn’t making your time any easier, that’s for sure. All throughout the day since playing footsie with you, Jesse has been making your life literal hell. Feather soft touches against your biceps, lower back, and against the nape of your neck to get your attention instead of just calling your fucking name. Or leaving his jacket off and rolling the sleeves of his button-up to show off that nice skin of his forearms that you wanted to grab and kiss. The bastard even leaned over by putting his hands on Genji’s desk, which was conveniently right in front of your eyesight, jutting his ass out, and almost causing you to choke on your drink. You hissed when some liquid dribbled down his chin and dropped to your shirt, staining the light colored material.

“Are you okay y/n?” Moira as she passed by, her two different coloured eyes curious and worried. You waved her away and stood up, wiping your chin with your sleeve, “Fuck off, I’m fine.”((poor Moira)). You stormed away and walked down the hallway, fuming and uncomfortable as your hard dick couldn’t find a place to sit in your jeans. All day long, you were being teased to be left hard and wanting, the periods in between Jesse’s ministrations long enough for your arousal to go down, but spiking back up when Jesse came back. You walked into the locker room, which was thankfully empty, and made your way to the back where your locker was. “Fucking cruel and unusual punishment,” You grumbled to yourself as you struggled with your locker combination for a second before it popped open. Pulling the dirty shirt off from your back, you barely noticed the hand that slid from your lower back and up your shoulder blade, making you jump and whip around.

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