The Elements

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The ground shook

The waves crashed,

There is no time for looking back.

The storm rumbles

Beneath the clouds

Lightning and rain come thundering down

The clouds shall part

As the sun comes shining thin

Rays of light come billowing in

The plant of passion fruit

Shall bloom in the spring

Which shall more passion it shall bring

Once last thought

As we slip away

we feel the love

we feel the faith

we have no fate

we need to find

for we are our own

fates desgin.


The ball of flame

That changes my love

That changed the heat

Of the auras above

That took my life

For your own

When you were no where

Near as strong

I took the shot

You left me to bleed

Now I stand here

As you plead

Your life's at stake

What do you do?

You beg to wake,

You beg, "I'm Sorry!"

but the only one

who is truly

Is I.


The flame grows in size,

as the enemy returns,

the hatred grows

as the bond yearns

The flame explodes

from pure rage

As the wolf within

wants release from the cage

It burns the metal

and feels so free

the fire burns

So freely

The battle's almost over,

The death match begins

Time to see which will win

Fire encloses

the oppenent

as they smelt

to ash and that

Exsaustion feeling

Comes at last

The battle is through

The anger is gone

The only thing we hear

Is the victorious song

Of The Winner.


The aura around her

screamed sweet serenity

When no one around

her could see.

When the air ripples

through the sea

When the air swirls

around thee, her scent

over whealms me

The calming thoughts

consume my body

as I lay still

in sweet sweet serenity.

Hi! So I'm going to be posting soon again and some questions have rose...

-Where do you get your inspiration?-Anonomyus

I usually get my inspiration from books, songs. And other random events I see random strangers in.Thanks 4 askin'!!!!

I appretiate the Q's!

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