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It was midnight, 2:35AM. Time seemed to run very slow. Every minute felt like an hour.
Jack was walking down the hallway to an arcade room. The room of course was full of... arcade machines. what did you expect?

Jack knew he shouldn't be in the dumb Fazbender Pepperonerie at night and especially when there was a night guard watching from the cameras. Why would he care though? Pretty much everyone moves in the building at night.
As Jack walked closer to an arcade machine, the console started shaking. Slightly, a light came out of the screen and it started "dragging" the tangerine like a fucking portal.

Old sport gasped and tried to step back but before he could realise he was in the machine already.

n y o o m
The orange was falling in the darkness.


A long while after the orange dude was falling down in the darkness still. Nothing else but darkness. Now the time didn't matter anymore. It was like the time had stopped.

All of the sudden, he dropped on something of someone.
"Ah- what the-" Jack looked up and then at the person holdind him.



"Old sport!"


Jack noticed Dave was holding him in his arms. He had so many questions about that but even more questions about how that weirdo was in the same place as him.

"Old sport, the sportiest old- How did you fall down here?"

"I'd like to ask you the same"

There was an awkward silence between them until Jack coughed a little and went.
"So... when are you going to let me down?"

"I thought it was an option to keep you in my arms" The eggplant giggled but Old sport wasn't quite relaxed or happy.

"If you dont let me down now or any soon i'd kill you-"

"Okay okay, mom" He said as he let the other man down.

"So... where are we? is this some level of flipside? and how did you get here??"

"I was just running away from phoney before the pepperonerie was shut down for the night, that dumb phone face. But no this isn't The Flipside. Another reality but nothing added here yet."

"Thats deep." Jack made a bad joke and then noticed something on the floor or whatever the darkness under their feet was.

"What's that bottle?"
Old sport was kneeing next to the bottle trying to take it but Dave all of the sudden pushed the other male away from the bottle.

"Hey! Don't take it its not good for you!"

"Your not my mom!! How'd you know what it is anyway?" tangerine was pushed down to the floor but he tried to drag himself towards the bottle.

"You're right! I'm not your mom but i can be your dad!"
Aubergine tried to get the bottle but fell down.

"Wait WHAT-" Old sport almost nose bleeded on what the eggplant had said but didnt give up on getting the bottle.

"I tried out that weird drink and i can tell it wasnt good for my physical and mental health-"

Finally Dave got the bottle on his hands and safe from Old sport but no, the other man didnt give up and sat on Dave, taking the bottle away.


Tangerine opened the bottle and drank whatever the drink was. He started feeling dizzy and got off of the purple man.

"I told ya, old sport!"

Now Jack was sitting on the "floor" and just looked down so out of it.
"Uhm.. Sportsy? youre alright?"
But the male didnt respond. Just kept staring at the ground.

"Hey, sportsy!" Dave came closer to Old sport and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Dave.. I feel weird"

"Damnit, i told you not to drink it" Aubergine sighed and shaked the orange man a little.

A while after the silent Old sport got up and took Dave by the hand.
Dave got up wary and Sportsy walked closer to him to hug. He wasnt alright he needed rest ASAP.

"Sportsy. you need rest."

"Nah dad i want to dance"

"Dance...?" What was that supposed to mean?
Dave thought.
Before he could do anything Jack took him by the hand and started dancing, so Dave went with the roll and started dancing aswell.
Somehow he saw happiness while looking at Old sport. His dead inside eyes. He was happy. It also made the aubergine happy. Something about him made him feel safe and comfortable.

The two laughed and danced in the darkness, only the small screen portal at the roof of darkness was the only light.

A long while after Dave put his hand on Old sport's back and pulled the male closer.
Old sport blushes a bit but leaned closer too smiling. Dave smirked.

"Do we really have to leave this place yet, Davey?"

He called me "Davey" thats cute-
Dave thought in his mind.

"I dont think so unless someone finds us here by tomorrow"

Jack now was getting so close to Dave that he could feel his breathing. Dave didnt want to wait any longer so he kissed him slightly. Surprisingly, Old sport kissed him back. Both blushing they kept kissing until finally Jack stopped to hug Dave. "I'm tired"

"Go to sleep"

"You're not my mom"

"Well now i'm your daddy, go to sleep you little tangerine"

Old sport accepted finally and now he was lying on the dark floor of whatever it was i dont still even know.
Dave hugged him from the back and closed his eyes. TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY.


"Employees!! What the heckity frick do you think youre doing out there?? howd you two get there anyway???"
Shit. The phone head saw the two from
the arcade machine. The employees heard him but kept sleeping in the darkness.

No work for those two today or at any near soon.

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