waking up for school and stuff

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At the house (mb crib)

Keisha-wake up it is time for yall to get dress


Keisha-ughhh get up

Prod-im sick keisha (fake cough)

Keisha-ohh poor baby

Prod- keisha do I have to go to school

Princeton-if she says yes ima lmao

Ray- yes I get to eat my taco


Roc-can yall please cut off the lights so I can go back to sleep (puts the pillow over his head )

Keisha-if yall don’t get up

them-ok get out were goin to get dressed

(heres the bus comes prince singing my girl with roc and prod)

ray-no buritos just tacos yea (4x) can i have a burito? no!!! can i have an enchilada? no! 1 fajita and 2 quesedillas ? no no no!!! NO ENCHILADAS NO TOSTADAS NO,NO BURITOS JUST TACOS NO NO BURITOS JUST TACOS NO NO NO NO

EVERYBODY- (laughing)wat are u singing

ray-my taco song better love it



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