Chapter 3 How Many Ways Can They Change Me

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Hey So I Deciced to surprised you guys and write this chapter early.


We walk off the train to adoring capital people. Their screaming our names. I wave and smile and blow kisses. Then I'm risked off to The Remake Center. I'm plucked, waxed, and shaved. Finnally when I'm done I meet my stylist. "Hello my name is Carla. I'll be your stylist." she says. Then she walks me into a room. She pulls out my costume and I'm amazed. It's a full body suit made of a gold color. Then you can tell the suit looks like it's made of gold bricks! They each sparkle and shine. When I try it on I can't believe it's me. Then I realize it's not me. It's a capital tribute not Autumn Blane.

I walk down to my chariot and see Dakota in the same outfit as me. I've been feeling really bad about what I said to him. "Hey I'm sorry about what I said on the train I was just mad and irritated at the whole thing." I say. He looks at me and smiles. Man he has to stop smiling so cute! "No harm done. I didn't take none of it to heart." he says. Then we get on our chariot and hold hands I think I just made a friendship.

We ride down on our chariots and everyone screams "District Two!" Dokato and I smile, wave, and blow kisses. By the time we enter the remake center I'm sweating from the hot lights, this costume, and just plain nerves. Our team comes over and congratulates us. We get dirty looks from other districts but we wipe them off. Then our team leads us to our floor. I'm about to go to my room but before I do Dakota finds me.

"Good job hopfully with our costumes, upcoming interviews, and our training we may both have a chance." "Yea it's a possibility." I say quickly then walk to my room. I wish he could understand the more I talk to him the more I fall for him and that can't happen.

Dakota's P.O.V 

I tried talking to Autumn but she as stubborn as a bull. I wish I could tell her how I truly feel but she would probably just freak out. And what would it matter anyway. We are going to be put in an arena to kill each other soon. I go to my room and think. I've been up all night and the only thing I can think of is: Tell her how I truly feel. This should be fun.

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