I was waiting at the bus stop for my bus to come to bring me to Melbourne shopping centre.As the bus came I seen someone running towards the bus stop,I realized he wouldn't make the bus on time so I decided to ask the bus driver to wait for him.He hopped on the bus and paid.

"thanks,would of never made it without you!"

"No problem"I replied as my cheeks blushed.

You looked around the bus to notice there was only two seats left at the back.You walked to the one to the left hand side and sat down,put your earphones in and zoned out until you noticed someone sitting right beside out.You noticed it was the boy that you stopped the bus for.As you looked at him you saw his lips moving,you took your earphones out and said "sorry,couldn't hear you had my earphones in,what did you say?

"Oh,just saying thanks again,and my names Jai,Jai Brooks!"

"No bother,and my names Orlagh,nice to meet you"

"So where ya going?"

"Melbourne shopping centre,you?"

"Same,are yeah meeting anyone up there?"

"Uh,yeah,my boyfriend,you?"I said feeling the awkward tension as I said it.

"Oh,just my friend Skip"he said feeling the awkwardness too.

The bus journey was over and we both got off together walking towards the shopping centre.

"Hey,um so can I have your number,so we can meet up sometime,just as friends,you seem nice"

"Eh yeah sure"We both traded phones and I put mine in as Orlagh is awesome!x He gave me my phone back and when I looked down at my phone I looked to see he put his as Jai is so sexy!;).We both laughed at each other.

"Right,so I'll text you later,bye!"

"Okay,see ya later"

I walked up to the food hall and met my boyfriend Chris sitting there with my favourite meal from Hungry Jacks!

"Hey babe,whats up?" He asked giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh nothing"

When we finished our food we walked around looking in shops,I bought some new nail varnish.As we walked out of the shopping centre I saw Jai sitting on a bench with his friend.We made eyecontact and he winked at me,I waved over at him and then he called me over.

"Hey,so this is guy you were talking about?"

"Yup,that's him"

"Hey,I'm Orlagh's best friend!" Jai said reaching out to shake Chris' hand.

"I never knew he was your bestfriend?" Said Chris.

"Yeah,neither did I?" I replied,then me and Jai looked at each other giggling.

"Okay,so I'll see you later,bye!" I said.

"Are you going home now?" Jai asked.


"Alright I'll walk with you to the bus stop" said Jai.

I gave Chris a hug as he walked the oppisite way to go home.

Skip went to the train station to go home too.

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