Chapter 27

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Harry’s POV

I always get yelled at when we record for “not focusing”. I mean, how can I when Jess could wake up any moment and I might not be there?


I’m lying on the cot that our nurse, Lila put in here for me listening to the boys bicker back and forth. It's quite entertaining really.

“LEEEYUMMM!! ZAYN WON’T GIVE ME MY CARROTS BACK!!” Louis yelled sticking out his lip.

“That’s because you stole my hairspray. YOU DON’T MESS WITH MY HAIR PRODUCTS,” Zayn yelled back crossing his arms.

“Boys, I am NOT dealing with this right now. Zayn? Louis?” Liam calmly sticks out both hands.

They both grumble but comply.

“Now take your things and shut up so we don’t get kicked out.”

“Thank you Liam,” Louis winks, “You always were my favorite.”

Oh no he didn’t.

“LOUBEAR! I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL!” I yell with my hands over my heart.

“NOO! HAZBEAR! YOU WEREN’T MEANT TO HEAR THAT! I LOVE YOU! FORGIVE ME MY LOVE!” Louis comes over and sits on my lap, holding my face.

“Better,” I smirk.

“Liam…They’re scaring me…” Niall whimpers.

“Oh you know you love it Nialler. Why don’t you come over here an-“

“That’s enough!” Liam interrupts.

“Hey boys? Visiting hours are up, family only,” Lila says sticking her head in the door.

“THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS! WE ARE FAMILY!” Louis yells aghast. The look on his face was absolutely priceless.

But Lila just smiles and shakes her head, “Louis. We go through this every evening. I’ll give you a few more minutes, but then you really do have to go. And you need to quiet down, this is a hospital, not a zoo.”

“Thanks love,” Louis winks.

“Oh, you boys will be the death of me…” she mumbles walking out of the room.

Lila is probably the best nurse we could have gotten. She’s only twenty-five, but is mature beyond her years. She’s so tolerant with us too, always bending rules at our expense. And Lila is probably the only person in this hospital that believes Jessie will wake up.. She always comes in telling me how proud she is that a “young man like me, who could have any girl he wants” is in the hospital every day, waiting on the same girl with a very bleak future. Which then makes me remind her of her age, and that only makes her laugh and walk away.

Yeah. Lila is the best.

“Welp… We should probably go so she doesn't get in trouble,” Liam announces, always the responsible one.

I nod and watch as they go over, kiss Jess’s forehead and come to hug me before walking out of the room. Same routine as always.

Usually, I’m more upset to see them go, but I’m just too exhausted.

I pass by my cot and go a lay by Jess. Not long after I tell her I love her and curl up, am I out. Sleeping like a baby.

Dreaming of her beautiful face.

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