Castle of royals

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I sat in the back seat sobbing, there were three other vampires in the car with me. One sat stareing at the other, while the third was driving. I wanted to scream and jump out of the car, but as much as my life had hit rock botton i couldnt bring myself to end it now. My mom died and i was granted to live. I was not going to end it now.

I must have been asleep for hours. When i woke up my surroundings were completely different. It was dry, dirt coverered the land. Small town houses filled the streets one after the other. My eyes focused on a large castle, the car slowed and the men shoved me out. I gasped at the sight of all the humans in ragged clothing. They were all  over doing all sorts of work.

"Come girl." one of the men persisted. 

The men led me into the large coridor. The walls had to have been 10 feet high, it had a mirrol of what i guessed to be the royal family. It had a table with a vase of wild flowers centered in the middle. 

After a long walk down a large wide hallway they stopped. One of the men held me while the other went into the room.  

"Bring her in." The man called.

The room was dark, probably because it was dark outside. A man sat at a large granite desk, hands sitting on its surface.

"Leave!" he yelled. The guards scurried out of the room.

"Cassie... How are you?" He asked giving a sheepish grin

"How do you think im doing! You just slaughtered my town, and my mom! I am horrible!" I said almost yelling.

"Yes about that i appologize. They had nothing to offer." He said standing

"So that just gives you the right to just fucking kill everyone! No it doesnt!" I yelled loudly

He ran across the room so fast, it made my head spin. He pinned me against the wall, one hand on my kneck the other on my theigh.

"Listen here you little ungratful Bitch! i saved you, and this is how you treat me. I dont think so! You must bow down the supperior, which is us vampires. You are a slave now, and you have to start acting like one!" He yelled, his fangs poped out.

I let out a small scream. He raised his hand on my leg until he met the start of my underware. I tried to fight him but he was to strong. 

"Lucky for you, you are not for me. You are for my son Luca. If you were mine i would have taken your innocence already." 

"What?" i asked in shock  he knew i was a virgin.

"Cassie, i have been watching you for some time. You are perfect for my son. He has only had 5 slaves and he is 25." he spoke with a tense tone

"What happened to them?" i asked hesitatly

"3 still reside here. The other two lets just say had accidents." he let out a sinister laugh. 

My stomach turned to knots to know about my new 'home'. I was not ready for this. I am not slave material, i cant cook i dont clean. I took a seat on the floor until i heard a knock at the door. I stood up quickly and turned toward the door as it crept open. The old black door revealed a gorges man. His black hair messy, going over his blue eyes slightly. 'Is this Luca?' i asked my self. 

"Luca, son i have something for you. I know your birthday is coming up and i got you a new slave." He pointed over to me. 

I could feel my face begin to heat. Lucas eyes roamed over me, while his father well looked at me like a piece of meat. 

"Come with me!" Luca yelled grabbing my arm and dragging me down the hall. 

I  didnt say a word. He seemed just like his father, i was not going to get on his bad side and have him be a dick to me all the time. We get to large brown wooded double doors with gold handles. 

"this is my room. your room is right next door." He said opening the narrow door revealing a closet like spaace. He shoved me inside and locked the door. 

Inside the room there was a bed and a chair. There was a curtin hanging that led to a small bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower. My home back in Fork Stove wasnt the biggest but i had enough room to be comfortable at least.

I woke up the next morning in a sweat, it was so damn hot in that room. There was a small window but it was to high for me to reach. i went into the shower for a few minutes but i felt uncomfortable so i hurried up. I got out and got into the same cloths i wore the previous day, i couldnt find any other clothes anywhere. I sat there for some time, i got quite bored. I went to the door knob to turn it and see if it was still locked, it wasnt! i opened the door quickly and barged out, only i hit someone...Luca

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