Happy then Ever

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P.s If your wondering were Mateo and Moises are they left lol..

Diggy: i wonder what stars up to this time

All boys look at ray

Alese: why you guys looking at him

Roc: they used to date

Ray:what about beauty and Prince

Mimi:smh Nothings gonna happen right babe?



Beauty:HEY GUYS !!!! *hugging Roc*

Roc: Hey Bahja

Star: hey

Babydool: hii guys...*noticing the girls* Who are these pretty girls (not in a homo way )

Val: hii im Val,Jaden Girlfriend,My sister mimi um Prince girl i think ,Alese Rays gf,Bianca Roc gf, and Destine prods gf and Lala's Diggs girl

Star: cool

Beauty: yeah..so Prince how are you?

Prince:Fine you?

Beauty: great thnks

Prince: yeah

BabyDoll: what you wanna do?

Val: well theres a park me and the girls wanted to walk to since everyone is here wanna go?


we leave and take the walk of course val and jaden are walking the slowest

Jaden: babe i wanna take you on a date

Val; ok,when?

Jaden:Tomorrow night?

Val: yeah sure..wait what should were

Jaden: nothing?

Val: jaden!! i mean it 

Jaden: Causual you noting big just like a regular outfit

Val: ok

Jaden:*kisses her forhead* I love you

Val: Pinky swear?

Jaden:Pinky swear *holding her pinky and pecked her pinking*

Up in the front

Mimi: aw there so Love sick for eatchother..

Roc: There the youngest cuz everyone else is 17



Roc:Damn sorry..

Bianca: haha 

star: yay were here

everyone runs for the swings 

Val: haha there so weird

Jaden: wanna piggy back ride

Val: sure but your so tall i might fall lol

Jaden: i got you comeon

Val: get on his back** woah i feel like the climate changed 

Jaden haha *starts running* 

Val: Jaden!!! 

Jaden:* stops runing puts her if he were to carry  a baby so her legs crossing at the back and her arms crossing at the back of his neck* can i kiss you?

Val: since when did you ask?

Jaden and val start kissing 

Val:*moves her hair back of her ear and stops kising him* long hair isnt helping *buts her hair in a messy bun and contiue to look at jaden*

Jaden:* looks in her eyes* Your eyes,...there hazel in the night (yeah its like 7;00 so its kinda dark)

Val: yeah weird right

Jaden: A sexy weird*drops val and starts kissing her*

with the rest

Prince: there gona swallow each other throats 

Ray: like seriously they love kissing each other

Bianca: i mean its been a hard dday for all of us but moestly for VAl she just figuerd out whos her mom.she deserves to be happy now then not

everybody: True

Babydoll: all look at Jaden Hes twirling her aw there so cute

star: as the oldest you sound like our mom

Beauty: its a horrible thing to 

everybody : laughs 

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