Chapter 2.


There was the sound of my alarm clock signaling me to get up out of bed and get ready for another ordinary day of school. I rolled out of bed not wanting to get up and slipped on my slippers and wrapped my robe around me. As I yawned and streched I opened my bedroom door and shuffled down the stairs to the kitchen where my Mum was making breakfast for my younger siblings, Anna and Jacob.

"Sarah why do you look so scary?" Anna asked me as I did look quite horrendous in the morning.

"I just woke out of bed, how do you expect me to look? Like a princess?" I snapped as I sat down at the table.

As my Mum served us waffles and toast with jam I poured myself a glass of orange juice and gulped it down within seconds.

Without realizing it, it was almost time to leave for school and I wasn't even dressed yet! I quickly ate my breakfast and ran up stairs to get dressed and do my hair. I guess I didn't have time to do my make up, so I just grabbed my favorite mascara and my bag, yelled goodbye to my Mum and siblings and ran out the door to wait for Harry.

As he drove up my driveway he got out of his car and yelled, "NOOO! Stupid car!" He kicked the front wheel and put his hands through his curls.

"Um, is something wrong with the car I'm guessing?" I didn't want to make him any more mad, so i didn't ask him any more questions.

"Yeah, and now we have to run to school because we are going to be late, so let's go!" He started running as I tried catching up to him.

This was one of the punishments of not having your driver's licence and always depending on your best friend to pick you up.

As we were running I started to become tired, very fast. I definately needed to start working out, but I always say that kind of stuff but never actually do it. 

As we reached the school we stopped and started to pant. We were both tired and still had to run if we wanted to make it to class on time. I couldn't be late to class again. I just couldn't.

We reached the main hallway and ran all the way down making a right to where we had to run up the stairs, and then run down the hallway again to where our class was.

When we reached the door there was still 3 minutes left to get into class and sit down.

We both high-fived each other as we walked inside and saw Louis sitting in his seat already.

"Wow, did you guys decide to fly to Mars or something? Why are you guys so late?" Louis questioned ignoring the fact that we were out of breath.

"Harry's car broke down and so we had to run all the way over here because we all know you get here at the break of dawn for tutorial." I said taking in a deep breath and then exhaling.

"Oh, well that sucks I'm sorry." Louis kind of felt bad that we had to run all of the way over here in less then 20 minutes.

The bell finally rang and the Teacher signaled all of us to sit down in our seats and get ready for our new lesson we were going to learn today.

I looked to my left and noticed that Niall wasn't there. Where could he possibly be? It was only his second day of school, why would he be absent for it? Just as I asked myself that Niall came walking in like nothing happened. He didn't even care he was late. The teacher looked a little dissapointed, but let him go because it was only his second time here at this school.


Throughout the class, I kept looking at Niall and then back at the white board where the teacher was writing down notes that we had to take for next week's quiz. I wanted to talk to him, just to see what he was like. I never talked to boys before though, except for Harry and Louis. But i've known them since I was little.

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